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Taurus Man Leo Woman

Taurus Man Leo Woman

Basically, Taurus man Leo woman combination can result in a magnificent pairing because each knows how to stroke the other's ego and each loves to have his or her ego stroked. In addition, the needs of this couple are similar.

Taurus man desires abundance of affection...wanting to be loved and cherished. Leo woman thrives on compliments, craving declarations of adoration and displays of admiration. 
Taurus Man Leo Woman
In a romantic sense, both Taurus man and Leo woman are extremely loyal and passionate...and since they share the same desires, can usually provide for one another's needs very well.

Although this pair can work together quite nicely, it is not a garden of roses for these two. Both are stubborn individuals who must work hard to understand and accept one another.

Here are notable features of Taurus man Leo woman Relationships

  • An infatuation may begin the moment these two become acquainted because of much mutual admiration between this pair. Leo woman is frequently flamboyant about attentions and gift-giving, which will greatly please Taurus man, who adores the most traditional forms of courtship.
  • Both have an almost overwhelming fondness for status and possessions, placing a high value on comfort and luxury.
  • Problems may arise if the Taurus man believes Leo woman should do something to cultivate emotional compatibility...or if the Leo partner shows a lack of concern for the feelings and/or emotional needs of Taurus man. If this attitude is carried over into the romantic arena, then the Leo partner will probably meet with a very cold shoulder, causing much distress to the fiery and amorous Leo woman.
  • During arguments, Taurus man abhors conceding a point, perceiving such to be an acceptance of domination...unless it is considered to be the practical course. Arguments can be fierce and epic between these two but provided each can be reassured that the relationship is important to his or her partner, and then things will progress more smoothly.
As long as each individual here is careful to understand the other, this match could be a positive one.
Both Leo woman and Taurus man possess a love for the finer things of life and provided Taurus man can restrain the inherent jealousy...and allow Leo woman to show off a little on occasion...this relationship could work to perfection. 

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