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Signs Compatible With A Leo

Signs Compatible with Leo

Aries and Sagittarius are two Signs mostly compatible with a Leo.

You may ask how do I come to such conclusion? First let’s look at what makes Aries mostly compatible with a Leo:

Qualities that makes an Aries compatible with a Leo
Signs Compatible with Leo

Detailed look at signs most Compatible with Leo

Aries possesses all the drive and ambition that Leo admires most in a partner. There would probably be total agreement about aims in life and the methods to achieve such goals.

On the whole, this would be a happy pairing, although two such strong-minded types are certain to fight on occasion.
An Aries and Leo man

A partnership with an individual governed by Aries will be one of drama and excitement. Both are confident, outgoing and love to charge ahead into the unknown. The romantic chemistry is fiery and can achieve longevity.
Indeed, the Leo male is capable of sweeping Aries subjects off their feet and they will adore the romantic and generous nature associated with this Sign. In addition, Leo will love the sense of adventure and intelligent mind of Aries. What will truly seal the bond here is Leo's hidden vulnerability, which is certain to bring out the caring side of those ruled by Aries.
This is a union of abundant energy. Leo individuals crave adventure, drama and excitement...and partners who know what they want. All this can be found in Aries. The man governed by Leo is sure to ask for loyalty and massive displays of love, but the good news is that Leo natives will never ask for anything that they are not willing to give back in spades.
An Aries and Leo woman

A partnership with an individual governed by Aries makes for an unbeatable romantic team. There is an incredible chemistry here and both will be physically drawn to the other.
Each partner will adore being the center of attention, but this pair can have fun in learning to share the spotlight. Those governed by Aries love to charge ahead and explore and the Leo female is always willing to be admired by new people in new places. There will be much mutual flattering and the constant trading of praise and compliments. This is a union where drama and excitement will reign supreme and the relationship will be fed by a flurry of activity and fun.
Indeed, this combination is so powerfully potent that neither partner will want to waste a single minute on down time. Instead, each will inspire the other to take new risks...snowboarding or extreme sports, for example.
Qualities that makes Sagittarius compatible with a Leo
With Sagittarius, Leo finds humanity and understanding, coupled with a restless, go-ahead quality that is strongly appealing. The drawback here is that there is likely to be an abundance of fighting, but in essence, the tastes of each partner are not too far apart and the Sagittarius view of life coincides to a high degree with that of Leo.
Sagittarius and Leo man 

The Leo man may prove to be the truly exciting partner that every Sagittarius individual dreams about. He is very secure and confident and unlike most males, probably not prone to become jealous of the vast number of friends that Sagittarius tends to accumulate.
The Leo man is also not likely to flip when he realizes his Sagittarius partner is something of a flirt. He will be aware that such is nothing more than innocent fun and that native of Sagittarius simply like the attention. There is a mutual understanding here that unleashes the romantic side of a Leo male and Sagittarius is sure to find the occasional display of Leo insecurity to be rather endearing.
The Leo man is very dramatic and adores being center stage, which is absolutely fine with natives of Sagittarius, who delight in being where the action is. The Sagittarius sense of humor tends to keep thing light and this is a couple who will have great adventures together.
Sagittarius and Leo female

A partnership with an individual governed by Sagittarius will be intense and brimming with fun. Both individuals are fiery and passionate and will have a magnificent time together going out on the town, exploring new places and meeting new people.
Here, each spurs the other to new heights of creativity in many and varied areas. Sagittarius is by nature risk-taking and spontaneous. Hence, the Leo woman will feel as though she has finally met her match in the fun department. There is also an incredibly strong chemistry. However, Sagittarius does sometimes have a difficult time in being faithful.
Still, if anyone can make these natives remain true, it is a Leo female and this relationship will certainly never degenerate into one of boredom.
It is important to note that those governed by Leo need to exercise much care and prudence in the selection of a long time mate since any misstep could result in a life of unhappiness.
They should be particularly cautioned against hasty commitments of a long term nature at a young age and in most instances, it would be advantageous for them if they not take this step until well-settled in life. Any partner should be on an equal plane both socially and intellectually for longevity to be achieved.

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