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Scorpio Man Leo Woman

Scorpio Man Leo Woman

Scorpio man Leo woman relationship tends to result in a dynamic and intense union, with each partner normally being well-tuned to the needs of the other.

Scorpio man demands respect and harbors a deep desire to be wanted, while Leo woman needs adoration and has to be constantly complimented.
Also, Scorpio man are somewhat infamous for being overly active in the arena of physical intimacy, so this aspect of the relationship may compensate the Leo partner for many other things.
Scorpio Man Leo Woman
...but this is also an area where the Leo woman is likely to be expected to give way to the wishes of Scorpio partner and, when it is noticed by the Leo woman that Scorpio man is reluctant to reciprocate, she will doubtless begin to feel hurt and rejected.

Here are positive and negative features of Scorpio man Leo woman union

Positive Features of Scorpio man Leo woman Relationships
  • Leo woman relish comfort and luxury, frequently doing things on a very grand scale and prone to be flamboyant. Scorpio man is appreciative of these traits and usually quite happy to be the audience Leo woman requires, provided there is equality in the relationship.
  • Both Scorpio man and Leo woman are extremely loyal and often possessive of one another, but each is ably equipped to provide what the other needs while still enjoying the strengths possessed by his or her partner.
Negative Features of Scorpio man Leo Woman Relationships
  • Scorpio man is prone to dissect everyone and everything that happens to fall beneath his watchful eyes. However, it is also in the nature of this Sign to be highly insulted should any partner attempt to do the same thing with him. Leo woman have an open manner of speaking but seldom reveal everything about herself. She like to hold back certain things, which usually results in the Scorpio mate becoming indignant...although he will be equally as secretive (or even more so) and refuse to fully open up under any circumstances.
  • Men ruled by Scorpio have a difficult time in finding a suitable partner from any Zodiac Sign due to the overly-demanding and overbearing ways which are inherent in these natives. Scorpio man expects total obedience and an absorption in his work and life...often to the suppression of Leo woman's personal desires. This leads to the Leo partner experiencing much unhappiness and bitterness.
Woman governed by Leo tend to shine more brightly and more insistently than any other women of the Zodiac, eventually evolving into the living and breathing manifestation of magnificence and luxury. Conversely, Scorpio man shies away from the limelight, but likes to control the mechanics. Thus, since both Leo woman and Scorpio man are so determined, this couple will need to work very hard in order to understand and accept one another.
In short, this will be a rather storm-tossed pairing at best. 

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