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Sagittarius Man Leo Woman

Sagittarius Man Leo Woman

Sagittarius man Leo woman has a genuine admiration and respect for one another. Both individuals are warm, charismatic and charming. Consequently, other people find enjoyment basking within the energy radiated by this couple.
Yes….both Leo woman and Sagittarius man are blessed with the same warm, generous and loving characteristics. However, it will be necessary for Leo woman to learn that Sagittarius man "gives" to everyone with no single individual capturing his exclusive attention for very long.
Sagittarius Man Leo Woman

Here are positive and negative features of Sagittarius man Leo woman union

Positive Features of Sagittarius man Leo woman Relationships
  • Sagittarius man and Leo woman relationship is almost certain to be a very heated and passionate union. Each partner possesses boundless energy and, as a pair, is often perceived as the only ones who can keep up with the other's intensity.
  • Sagittarius man Leo woman combination is essentially a good one. Each understands the other by virtue of the inherent similarities.
  • On occasion, Sagittarius man may become exhausted by Leo woman's expansive ego, but differences of opinion are unlikely to last very long since in next to no time, Sagittarius man will have moved on to the next project while the Leo woman’s optimism and desire for a fan club is able to overcome any petty arguments.
Negative Features of Sagittarius man Leo woman Relationships
  • Sagittarius man is apt to come up with some wild ideas or indulge in a huge gamble with a view to making a great deal of money. This will undoubtedly entice Leo woman's support. Yet, should everything fall through or losses prevail, although the Sagittarius partner will be grateful for the love and support offered by Leo woman, it is inherent in the Sagittarius man’s nature to make the Leo partner also share in the blame for such failure.
  • Sagittarius man must have "space" in order to exercise the personal freedom which is so loved by this man. He simply fails to understand why Leo woman is prone to engage in fits of jealousy over what is personally perceived to be "harmless flirtations." However, paradoxically, the Sagittarius man will be very possessive of the Leo woman partner.
If the Leo woman can refrain from trying to "tame" her Sagittarius man mate and refrain from condemning and or arguing over the romantic indiscretions that might be committed, then in time, Sagittarius man may decide there is no reason to look elsewhere for the satisfaction that can be found at home. The Leo woman and Sagittarius man union does have the potential to be a rewarding relationship provided the love and desire is there.

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