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Pisces Man Leo Woman

Pisces Man Leo Woman

In Pisces man Leo woman relationship, physical intimacy could the thing that makes or breaks the union. Both Pisces man and Leo woman relish romantic interludes...and relish them often.

In order to keep Leo woman happy, Pisces man must learn to control the inherent changeable moods and strive to keep such moods separate from the love life. 

If Leo woman is able to accept an individual governed by a somewhat weaker Sign as a partner, then this relationship could work out rather well...but the Leo woman Pisces man combination will never be one of the strongest unions the Zodiac has to offer.
Pisces Man Leo Woman
Alone, Leo woman tends to be somewhat conceited. Alone, Pisces man tends to be rather shy. In this coupling, however, the straightforward nature of Leo woman shines without conceit and Pisces man becomes less bashful.

Here are positive and negative features of Pisces man Leo woman union

Positive Features of Pisces man Leo woman union
  • In Pisces man Leo woman match, each partner enjoys the new perspective the other brings to life in general. Leo woman is strong and assertive, being free to do what she want and taking command of her surroundings. Pisces man is more reserved and introspective.
  • In many ways, these two are polar opposites...yet at heart, both are dreamers. When there is true affection between Leo woman and Pisces man, each can fill the other's voids and luxuriate in a caring relationship that is mutually beneficial. Since Leo woman is a natural leader, she often becomes the guardian of the weaker Pisces man in this pairing. In return, Pisces man will provide Leo woman with the audience she needs for personal ambitions and social performances.
  • Much like the Element of Water that rules Pisces, these natives tend to fill whatever container they are poured into. These are souls who are prone to give themselves over entirely to a loved one, possessing a kind heart that allows them to know Leo woman in a way that many other Signs are unable to achieve.
Negative Features of Pisces man Leo woman Relationships
  • Pisces man tends to give the impression that he needs to be protected or mothered and this could be the initial attraction for Leo woman. However, Leo woman is sure to get a huge surprise when the Pisces partner suddenly becomes positive and takes any actions necessary on his own behalf. If Leo woman should persist with the union and become involved in a long-term relationship, this can lead to drastic effects on the Leo partner since Leo women always like to know exactly where they stand in any situation.
  • Both partners here will be vain individuals and share in the love of extravagant clothing...but that is about as far as the sharing will go.
  • Pisces men are generous with love and affection but, on occasion, may tune-out Leo partner, retreating into a small and quiet world where personal problems can be resolved and solitary decisions be made. Under such circumstances, the Leo woman is likely to feel puzzled, hurt, left out and frustrated at such treatment...and it is inherent in the Leo woman’s nature to indulge wholeheartedly in a round of parties and friends in an effort to combat such feelings. This may result in a Pisces partner who is perplexed and irritated at the reaction of his Leo mate.
In essence, Pisces man Leo woman combination is probably equally as likely to meet with failure as it is with success. In short, it is something of a gamble. The strong and hearty temperament of Leo woman may prove overwhelming for the subtle and sensitive Pisces man, who is apt to adopt the changing moods of any relationship.

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