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Origin and Meaning of Leo Zodiac Sign

Meaning of Leo

Looking at the origin and meaning of Leo zodiac sign, Leo is the Fifth sign of the Zodiac. Its name is derived from the Latin Leo or the Greek Leon, both of which mean "lion." However, the name is likely Semitic in origin...from the Hebrew word, labi.

Leo is also known as the "royal sign," symbolic of exuberance and leadership, and individuals who fall within its jurisdiction place courage and personal honesty above all else.
Meaning of Leo
Leo is also known as the Sign of the King or President. The opposite sign to Leo is Aquarius. From Aquarius, Leo can learn to share in a caring manner and occasionally leave "center stage" to others. Thus, can Leo natives learn to stand alone and value themselves. 

Other Details of Leo Astrological Sign:

Zodiac Polarity of Leo

Leo is Positive in polarity (as are Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius). The general characteristics of Positive Signs broadly match those for the extrovert personality and such individuals are naturally more impulsive, buoyant, communicative and sociable than are the Zodiac Signs of Negative polarity (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces).

However, Positive Signs rarely display the same levels of sensitivity or the same depth of understanding of emotional subtleties as do their Negative counterparts. Positive Signs tend to crave excitement and thus, are inclined to direct their energies outward into the world around them. Aries is the most flagrantly extrovert of the Positive Signs (with Sagittarius a close second).

Leo Zodiac Ruling House

Leo is the natural ruler of the Fifth House of the Zodiac, often referred to as the "House of Pleasure" and known in Vedic Astrology as the "Good Fortune." This is the field of experience in which an individual is challenged to develop creativity and self-esteem...and to find joy in living. Essentially, it deals with fun, games, gambling, playing, acting, drama, hobbies, the theater and the use or misuse of creative energies.

The side of an individual which is reserved for play...the side which only emerges when there is fun to be had and the work is done...resides in the Fifth House. By its very nature, this House reflects the charming and delightful side of an individual...where hobbies, interests and playmates may be found. In short, if something provides a person with joy, then it will be preserved in the Fifth House.

By tradition, this House is associated with children, enthusiasm, creativity and motivation, as well as love affairs...both legal and illicit. The influence of the Fifth House creates a sense of excitement and the craving of pleasure. It also allows an individual to see a little of himself or herself in what has been personally created...anything from the smile of a son or daughter to a piece of artwork.

The Fifth House is governed by the Planet Sun...not truly a "planet" since it is a star, but classified as such for the purposes of continuity in the science of astrology.

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