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Negative Side of Leo

Negative Side of Leo

The most negative side of Leo personality is likely to be indolence.

Leo natives will revel in ease and luxury until they are forced into action either through necessity or due to their own self-imposed demands.

In addition, these individuals may become very narrow-minded and bigoted, largely due to the fact that personal convictions are settled early in life and rarely become changed or modified at a later time.
Negative Side of Leo of the most abhorrent negative side of Leo is the drowning of the Leo individual in egocentricity and materialism, coupled with a lack of both the desire and capacity for spiritual development.

In such circumstances, it will be necessary for the Leo subject to endeavor to avoid the type of exaggeration which can debase the many gifts inherent in this Sign.

Other Notable Negative Sides of Leo Individuals

Prone to be very proud

Leo natives are proud souls. Others may not always live up to the expectations of Leo individuals and thus, the life of a Leo subject is constantly subject to disappointments. They are continually disappointed in the actions and motives of others.


Leo subjects cannot tolerate for long those who would constantly or repeatedly attempt to upstage them and are certain to display defiance toward anyone who seriously threatens their right of ruler-ship.

Pain and depression

When natives of this Sign feel let down...and it usually takes a great deal...they either fall into an abyss of pain and depression, or become utterly cold and without feeling. If their trust is broken, they are almost certain to crumble.


Leo subjects can also be high-handed and when they fall victim to their own shortcomings, the result can be nothing less than disastrous. Also, these natives are easily flattered and often make the mistake of trusting false friends.

Often blind to where love is most needed

The type of love associated with those who fall under the jurisdiction of Leo is that which embraces the whole of humanity yet; this can present a danger in that Leo individuals are prone to diffuse such love and are often blind to where it is most needed...frequently closer that these natives might think.


Leo individuals rarely display jealousy...rather; they tend to invite it, thus throwing the burden upon their critics.


Above all, the secret fear of Leo subjects is that they will not be perceived as important individuals. In general, however, this is an affectionate Sign complete with a lively and sunny personality which brings joy and life to any dull day.
Hence, for all Leo virtues, its natives must strive to overcome an imposing negative side and those who fail to dispel the shadows may well become demanding, domineering, insensitive and destructive.

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