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Moon In Leo Man

Moon In Leo Man

Moon in Leo man is a forceful, ambitious and concentrating which is bent on achieving a good deal of prestige and success in the world. 

On the surface, this man appears jovial, sunny, and full of vitality and always expressing good spirits. However, beneath this facade, there often lurks a hard streak in the nature...a degree of ruthlessness which never forgets or forgives any injury or slight to the innate pride and/or vanity.
In general, the personality of men whose Moon sign is in Leo will be strong, proud and courageous by nature, exuding energy and drive. Such individuals relish responsibility and may be prone to take on too much.

There is a natural attraction to authority here, coupled with enjoyment of being in the public eye.
Moon In Leo Man

Here are notable characteristics of Moon in Leo man

  • A man governed by the Moon in Leo would much rather lead than follow and inherent pride makes him most susceptible to love affairs. Yes…the opposite sex finds Moon in Leo man individual extremely interesting because of the frequency and sincerity of such affairs.
  • The actions of Moon in Leo man attract the attention and respect of superiors within the workplace, which can mean only good things as far as any career is concerned. Such individual is usually encouraging souls, optimistic and generous with money...sometimes a little too much so, which also applies to the display of affection.
  • There is also a devout love of luxury and a grandiose sense of style. Lively in spirit with a desire to make a statement and a definite distaste for being ignored, the man governed by a Leo Moon has high intelligence and excellent prioritizing skills.
  • Somehow, Moon in Leo man can be jovial, sunny and friendly while remaining so independent and authoritative that he seeks nothing less than the ultimate in leadership and prominence.
Moon in Leo men are not inherently introspective and many of their actions are based upon instincts rather than analyzed personal motive. They also have tremendous personal control...a control which, given time, will likely be exerted over others.

There will always be a constant tendency toward the excessive in a variety of ways. Actually, Moon in Leo man is endowed with an immensely strong will...a will which can be used in either a positive or negative fashion.

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