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Leo Woman Virgo Man

Leo Woman Virgo Man

Leo woman Virgo man union is a relationship that could evolve over time, with each partner gradually understanding and appreciating the other.

Leo woman is by nature extroverted, dominant and charismatic, but often cursed with a very short fuse. Virgo man is inherently studious and withdrawn, blessed with far more versatility than Leo woman.
Leo Woman Virgo Man
Yes, although there are obvious differences, Leo woman Virgo man pair can sometimes make for a rather wonderful love match, provided each mate can warm to the other's unfamiliar style.

Here are positive and negative features of Leo woman Virgo man union

Positive Features of Leo woman Virgo man Relationships
  • Leo woman can show Virgo man the benefits of fun and good times, introducing a spontaneity that is often missing from the lives of men governed by Virgo. In return, Virgo man will teach Leo woman the virtue of patience and the ability to focus intellectual energy.
  • On occasion, Leo woman may feel that her Virgo partner is watching with too keen of an eye, but has the talent to inspire the Virgo mate to ease up a little. There will undoubtedly be times when Virgo man considers Leo woman to be selfish and foreboding but if the love is there, each can be taught sensitivity to the needs of the other.
  • In the early days of this union, Leo woman and Virgo man may see nothing but faults in the other's personality. Leo woman will probably appear tyrannical and Virgo man may seem too judgmental. However, when they can stop looking solely at one another's flaws, they could begin to discover each other's positive attributes...and with that discovery will come a certain attraction.
Negative Features of Leo woman Virgo man Relationships
  • The Virgo partner will be thrifty with money, whereas Leo woman is much more generous and the differences here regarding finances will include a vast array of things...everything from planning a budget to putting money away for the future. Leo woman tends to live for the moment while Virgo man exists in the mental world of the future. Thus, these two differing opinions are sure to be the cause of much tension.
  • Critical Virgo man is likely to make cutting remarks which will deeply wound the Leo partner...particularly if the Virgo mate is displeased regarding some type of extravagance on the part of Leo woman. Unlike Leo women, Virgo men consider recreational pursuits to be a waste of time...time which could be much better spent in reviewing plans for the future...but a Leo woman would rather be engaging in fun activities (hosting a party or going out with friends, for example). Thus, the attitude of both partners in this respect will go far in breaking up the relationship.
In general, Virgo men are not attracted to Leo women. There may well be an initial attraction on the part of Leo woman, probably due to an unfilled need for constant flattery. But, the fiery physical intimacy of Leo woman will fail to be matched by Virgo man, since Virgo man is rather easily satisfied and harbors no desire for games or fantasies. In essence, this pairing will generally prove to be a rather shaky union at best.

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