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Leo Woman In Love

Leo Woman In Love

Leo woman in love is affectionate, kindhearted and sincere. She is a passionate soul who can easily be loyal and loving when in a secure relationship where she feels she is loved.

Yes….being in love with a woman ruled by Leo will certainly enhance any mate's skills at courting and seduction...provided such mate possesses sufficient wisdom and stamina to survive the course. 

Actually, love with a Leo woman is like no other love and once she decides to give her hearts, she also gives every inch of her soul...and here lies her vulnerability. If her trust is broken, she is almost certain to crumble.
Leo Woman In Love

Positive and Negative Features of Leo Woman in Love

Positive Features of Leo Woman in Love
  • Love is a thing of luxury to Leo woman and her mate will receive an abundance of personal attention, lusts and emotions.
  • Leo woman in love has a deep love for life and all of its possibilities, including luxuries. This love transfers magnificently into how she expresses her feelings. She has a deep love of children and make for excellent mother who adore her home.
  • She is supremely supportive and her affection tends to grow stronger the more she feels that her chosen partner truly cares.
  • Also, Leo woman in love will reward a mate with true adoration. She is essentially romantic in a dramatic sense...and not afraid to show it. She enjoys pulling her loved ones out into her world and radiate when she feels her partners compliment some quality about self.
Negative Features of Leo Woman in Love
  • The woman ruled by Leo can become vindictive or bitter when she is scorned and when it comes to being domestic she prefers being served rather than serving as mistress of the castle.
  • Since Leo women are prone to judge themselves on what they have around them (hence their love of luxury), they can be somewhat appearance-conscious at times and may become overly critical of a partner's qualities, looks or talents.
  • The Leo woman can show love, forgiveness and kindness to complete strangers or mere acquaintances and yet, may be critical and almost harsh to her loved ones if she feels they have failed her in some way.
Leo woman in love is plainly an incurable romantic, forever in love with love...but such love must include affection. She bases her self-judgments on those she adore. To remove the loved one from the picture is to take away her identity in many ways.

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