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Leo Woman In Bed

Leo Woman In Bed

The sexuality of Leo woman in bed is as full of light and life as is her ruling Planet, the Sun. She wants to be excited, turned on and thrilled. 

She needs you to take charge but also needs you to pick up on her signals or at least communicate with her. Yes…in the bed, sometimes Leo woman want soft slow passionate, other times hungry, lusty, hot and heavy love making.
Indeed, what Leo women want in bed is definitely not all the same. Rough stuff, especially if a Leo woman didn’t know the guy well would be scary and/or weird.
Leo Woman In Bed
She wants a Real Man in bed. A man who takes charge and is strong, energetic and expressive but doesn’t hurt, scare, or harm, and definitely knows the importance of the clitoris is what is hot, hot, hot!

How To Handle Leo Woman In Bed

  • You need control in order to be “real” or dominate a Leo woman in bed. It’s like a burning flame being spit on. Which way is the flame going to go? Is the flame going to burn out with all of that saliva or is it going to grow stronger? Leo woman is looking for a stronger man to take the lead in bed.
  • When in bed with a Leo woman, you must not be afraid to display your sex drive. She will respond in kind. Remember, she is looking for the guy that can make her feel a little bad in bed.
  • Leo women are pretty damn tough and can handle most anything, and take pride of it. Being a nice guy in bed is boring. She needs a man that can show her that she has need she’s not even aware of in bed. When in bed with a Leo woman, dig deeper for fantasies she did not even know she had.
  • Always let your Leo lady know you want to be the best in bed she’s ever had and then back it up with dirty talk give her as many orgasms is she can have and then it’s your turn. Forget that making her feel like a princess in bed. Make her feel like a dirty little slut. It starts with the first conversation. Don’t be a nice guy there a dime a dozen and extremely boring. A Leo woman wanted adventure in bed.
Generally, Leo woman in bed is full of showmanship and expressive displays of attention. She enjoys the height of all feelings in bed and physical pleasure is just another glorious filed to explore in bed. One thing that you might not have realized yet is that if you can give Leo women the kind of sexual experiences that they crave on a deep and primal level they will continue to come back to you, over and over again.

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