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Leo Woman Compatibility

Leo Woman Compatibility

About Leo woman compatibility, I will say Leo women base their own self-judgments on those they adore.

To remove the loved one from the picture is to take away her identity in many ways.

When natives of this Sign feel let down...and it usually takes a great deal...they either fall into an abyss of pain and depression, or become utterly cold and without feeling. 
Leo Woman Compatibility

The following are summary of Leo woman compatibility with the twelve Zodiac Signs:

Leo Woman Compatibility with Aries
This is most assuredly a dynamic love affair where sparks will fly. There will also be a mutual and healthy love of sportsmanship and competition. This relationship will likely see a lot of action but both will want to be boss and problems can arise when their equally large egos get in the way.

Leo Woman Compatibility with Taurus
Leo women are frequently flamboyant about attentions and gift-giving, which will greatly please the Taurus partner, who adores the most traditional forms of courtship. Although this pair can work together quite nicely, it is not a garden of roses for these two. Both are stubborn individuals who must work hard to understand and accept one another.

Leo Woman Compatibility with Gemini
Natives of Gemini thrive on mental stimulation and thus, will be extremely attracted to Leo women’s creative and dramatic spirit. However, if the Leo woman takes Gemini's flirty and outgoing nature too seriously, or if the Gemini partner believes Leo desires to maintain total control of the relationship, then trouble is sure to arise and arguments may result.

Leo Woman Compatibility with Cancer
Cancer will be very attracted to Leo women's regal bearing and fun-loving attitude. But within a short space of time, the Cancer native will find out exactly how different the Leo value system is from his own and the fiery ardor of the Leo partner will cause Cancer to feel that real love simply cannot endure in the face of such intensity.

Leo Woman Compatibility with Leo Man
Leo individuals are renowned for their strong and dominating character traits. Here, the Leo women and Leo man combination would probably not get along as well as other identical Zodiac Signs since both partners would likely be totally inflexible and troubles would undoubtedly ensue before the relationship had gone very far.

Leo Woman Compatibility with Virgo
In general, Virgo natives are not attracted to Leo women. There may well be an initial attraction on the part of Leo, probably due to an unfilled need for constant flattery, which caused the Leo woman in question a rare moment of inferiority.
Virgo may have viewed the crestfallen expression of Leo as that of a soul in trouble and since Virgo is a helpful Sign, he would have been most eager to provide aid, not expecting to be met with a totally different personality once Leo had regained self-confidence.

Leo Woman Compatibility with Libra
Both Leo and Libra possess exceptionally warm characters, but the compatibility for a favorable union between these two simply seems to be lacking. Leo women enjoy good fight and an arguing match serves to clear the air for those governed by this Sign, but does little (if anything) to thrill the soul of the peace-loving and harmonious Libra.

Leo Woman Compatibility with Scorpio
Women governed by Leo tend to shine more brightly and more insistently than any other woman of the Zodiac, eventually evolving into the living and breathing manifestation of magnificence and luxury. Conversely, Scorpio shies away from the limelight, but likes to control the mechanics.
Thus, since both Leo and Scorpio are so determined, they will need to work very hard in order to understand and accept one another.

Leo Woman Compatibility with Sagittarius
Leo women and Sagittarius natives are blessed with the same warm, generous and loving characteristics. However, it will be necessary for Leo to learn that Sagittarius "gives" to everyone with no single individual capturing his or her exclusive attention for very long.
Actually, Leo women and Sagittarius union does have the potential to be a rewarding relationship provided the love and desire is there.

Leo Woman Compatibility with Capricorn
In the area of everyday life, there could not be two more different personalities than those of Leo and Capricorn. The style that Leo adopts for "show" will probably make the simplest of outings appear as though it cost a fortune to the thriftier Capricorn...and this will likely be the major source of woes associated with the Leo women Capricorn relationship.

Leo Woman Compatibility with Aquarius
The aloof nature of Aquarius would undoubtedly prove to be something of a challenge to the Leo woman...and quite possibly the initial "draw" that brings these two together. Both these Signs are known for their pride and fixed opinions, which will almost certainly result in many arguments between them.

Leo Woman Compatibility with Pisces
Natives of Pisces tend to give the impression that they need to be protected or mothered and this could be the initial attraction for Leo women. However, she is sure to get a huge surprise when the Pisces partner suddenly becomes positive and takes any actions necessary on his own behalf.
Both partners here will be vain individuals and share in the love of extravagant clothing...but that is about as far as the sharing will go.

Leo Woman Ideal Partner
For the Leo female, a partnership with an individual governed by Aries makes for an unbeatable romantic team.
There is an incredible chemistry here and both will be physically drawn to the other. Each partner will adore being the center of attention, but this pair can have fun in learning to share the spotlight.
Those governed by Aries love to charge ahead and explore and the Leo female is always willing to be admired by new people in new places. There will be much mutual flattering and the constant trading of praise and compliments. This is a union where drama and excitement will reign supreme and the relationship will be fed by a flurry of activity and fun.
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