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Leo Woman Characteristics

Leo Woman Characteristics

Leo woman characteristics shows she is plainly incurable romantic, forever in love with love...but such love must include affection. Personally magnetic, she has no problem in attracting potential mates...and if any mate should become jealous of her many admirers, it would be best to not let it show.

This is because the Leo woman believes, on some level, that she is entitled to as many compliments as others are willing to shower upon her.
Leo Woman Characteristics
A close look at Leo woman characteristics shows she is altogether fascinating, she is something of an ambitious golden woman who likes to be free and independent...until her heart has been won and then, she is self-sacrificial in her giving.

Here are positive and negative Leo woman characteristics:

Positive Leo Woman Characteristics
  • Affectionate, kindhearted and sincere, women governed by Leo have a deep love of children and make for excellent mothers who adore their homes...but when it comes to being domestic, they prefer being served rather than serving as mistress of the castle.
  • Being involved with a woman ruled by Leo will certainly enhance any mate's skills at courting and seduction...provided such mate possesses sufficient wisdom and stamina to survive the course.
  • The Leo woman possesses a flair for the dramatic and clearly has little use for the routine and ordinary. She tends to act as though she is always on stage, basking in the spotlight so everyone who is anyone is sure to be aware of her presence.
Negative Leo Woman Characteristics
  • This is a woman who likes to be admired, but cannot abide a mate to chastise her for simply doing what comes naturally. Although she may appear to want to be won, it will be necessary for any potential partner to allow this woman to do the winning.
  • She may want to be head of the house and at times, behave in a totally unreasonable fashion in order to get her own way. Still, she will listen to reason if her good heart and generosity are appealed to.
  • If an individual would achieve true happiness with this woman, it will be necessary to display pride at her many accomplishments...and be proud of her on a personal level. She requires virtually constant flattery and devotion.
How to Handle Leo woman
  • Never ever must she be castigated or criticized in do so mark the certain kiss of death for the relationship.
  • Similarly, a partner must never try to deceive this woman in any way whatsoever. She possesses a high degree of honor that should never be trifled with...and should she find any mate unfaithful, then that mate is doomed to spend much time in the doghouse.
  • For a relationship to last, it will be necessary for any potential mate to be gallant, courteous and chivalrous.

Proud and domineering from time-to-time, it would not be wise to allow Leo woman to constantly get her own way. She desires a partner who is ambitious and well-respected in society...and she prefers traditional conformity.
Romantic, but often shy of displaying as much, the Leo female can be won with true old-fashioned love and chivalry.

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