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Leo Woman and Gemini Man

Leo Woman Gemini Man

Leo woman and Gemini man relationship can be a good one but not necessarily. Leo woman loves with the heart first, while Gemini man loves with the mind. 

Both are naturally attracted to glamour, flattery and good fellowship but in order to achieve longevity, the Leo partner will have to understand that Gemini man will not always be around to provide the attention upon which she thrives.
Leo Woman Gemini Man
In addition, the Gemini partner will need to understand that the desire to run the world is part and parcel of the Leo woman’s make-up.

Actually, Leo woman and Gemini man share a youthful...even childlike...view of the world and their union can be very successful, given the optimism and exploratory natures of both partners.

Let’s look at positive and negative features of Leo woman and Gemini man relationship:

Positive features of Leo woman and Gemini man relationship
  • The Leo woman and Gemini man relationship will be playful and high-spirited, characterized by light activity and optimism. Natives of Gemini thrive on mental stimulation and thus, will be extremely attracted to Leo woman's creative and dramatic spirit.
  • Though the approaches here are different...Gemini man likes to analyze things from all sides in an intellectual conversation while Leo woman would rather not talk about it, preferring to simply jump in...This pair is well-matched.
  • Both Signs are known for their abundance of energy. Women governed by Leo adore being at the helm of any project or venture and men governed by Gemini want to be free to think as fast and as far as they please.
  • Being direct and decisive, the Leo woman can help Gemini man to make a decision, if the Gemini native begins to vacillate due to an inability to see all options...but, Leo woman must take care not to be too bossy, which will certainly ruffle Gemini man's feathers.
  • Gemini men have the strength and adaptability to allow Leo woman to have her own way much of the time since the probing manner of Gemini man soon finds that Leo woman is not only sincere, but that the over-demanding manner is designed to ensure that what is best for both partners is accomplished.
Negative features of Leo woman and Gemini man relationship
  • The Leo subject is prone to periods of pure laziness during which nothing ever gets done and this changeability in the Leo nature may be beyond Gemini's comprehension.
  • The Gemini partner may experience some jealousy regarding Leo's knack of stealing the spotlight wherever he or she goes since this is sure to overshadow Gemini's inherent gregarious nature.
  • If Leo woman takes Gemini man's flirty and outgoing nature too seriously, or if the Gemini partner believes Leo woman’s desires to maintain total control of the relationship, then trouble is sure to arise and arguments may result.
In a physically romantic sense, the variable desires of Gemini man may be a complete mystery to the Leo woman, who is prone to love whole-heartedly. Still, the Leo partner will be perfectly capable of breaking a warm and affectionate manner...any resentment that Gemini man may be harboring and thereby easing the tension in the intimate arena.


In short, Leo woman and Gemini man relationship is regarded as a favorable union. This couple shares an ability to adapt to each other's moods and ways, making for a very good union...either because of the challenges it offers or in spite of them. Leo woman is blessed with the power to forgive and forget Gemini man's occasional neurotic outbursts, as well as respecting the Gemini man desire for individual freedom.

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