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Leo Virgo Love Compatibility

Leo Virgo Love Compatibility

Leo and Virgo relationships have a fair chance at achieving longevity. However, in order for this to be achieved, Leo will need to overlook the Virgo tendency to be critical and the Virgo partner will have to take pride in the accomplishments of Leo.
Initially, this couple may overlook common interests and believe they have nothing to gain from one another. 

Yet, this is a relationship that could evolve over time, with each partner gradually understanding and appreciating the other.
Leo Virgo Love Compatibility

Here are various influences on Leo Virgo love compatibility:

Influence of Leo Virgo Ruling Planets
Leo is ruled by the Sun and Virgo is ruled by the Planet Mercury.
The Sun emanates light and heat, waiting for others to gather around so the gifts of their presence can be accepted. However, Virgo reaches out to others and works through all the details prior to committing to a determined goal. Both Signs need to take the time to see the value of the other's approach.
Thus, in Leo Virgo relationships, Leo has the ability to teach Virgo how to be less critical and more spontaneous, whereas Leo can gain stability from Virgo's even keel.
Influence of Leo Virgo Governing Elements
Leo is governed by the element of Fire while Virgo is governed by the element of Earth.
Leo natives begin new projects without stopping to consider their motivation. Virgo adopts a more practical approach. Those ruled by Virgo are concerned with the outcome of their efforts...Leo individuals simply pursue what they want with no thought for the consequences.
Influence of Leo Virgo Zodiac Qualities
Leo is Fixed in quality and Virgo is Mutable.
Virgo subjects like to spend time working hard and spreading themselves over many different areas. Conversely, Leo enjoys taking charge and/or managing a project where roles can be assigned to other participants. Still, the absence of "who's who" in this relationship will likely help these two to avoid unpleasant character evaluations.

Perhaps the best aspect of Leo Virgo relationships is their effectiveness as a couple, both metaphorically and literally. Leo commands attention and respect by showing others what this pair is made of socially and by following through on new ideas motivated only by way of fun and excitement. Virgo will work very hard behind the scenes, scheduling appointments and following up on details in which the Leo partner has lost interest.
Thus, although the two personalities here are opposite in many ways, they can make for a rather complementary union...provided both are willing to invest the time to make it work.

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