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Leo Sun Virgo Moon

Leo Sun Virgo Moon

The Leo Sun Virgo Moon combination produces a character pairing of two very different influences.

Here, the warm, impetuous and dynamic traits associated with Leo are coupled with the cool, cautious and introverted traits of Virgo, resulting in an individual possessed of very strong opinions and emotions. Leo Sun Virgo Moon natives are critical and accurate in thought, but often too outspoken.

Attention is vital to the happiness of this combination. Leo natives governed by a Virgo Moon appear to be dependent upon praise and the admiring attention they are able to command...even if such attention is nothing more than sympathetic concern which can be mustered.
Leo Sun Virgo Moon
Nevertheless, they are selective when it comes to friends and allow relatively few people to become close.

Here are other notable features and characteristics of Leo Sun Virgo Moon persons:

Can be exceedingly stubborn and opinionated
To Leo Sun Virgo Moon subjects, there is only "their way" and the "wrong way." In short, these are individuals who can be exceedingly stubborn and opinionated. They follow a personal and strict moral code, to which they consistently adhere, and expect those around them to also live up to such standards.
Inherent independent and somewhat militant pride
Although there is an underlying timidity in the nature of Leo Sun Virgo Moon combination, coupled with an always-present need to please, the independent and somewhat militant pride often impels, for some reason, the need to do the wrong thing out of an impish delight in observing the effect which then results.
Possess an inherent politeness and charm
As Leo Sun Virgo Moon individuals mature, they can teach themselves to become tactful, but this is far from a natural trait. However, they do possess an inherent politeness and charm, which can be turned-on at will and, if used to its best advantage, can lead to great success in almost every endeavor.
Have an exacting nature and pride
Leo Sun Virgo Moon natives tend to have an exacting nature and a pride which must constantly be carefully controlled.

Some Famous Leo Sun Virgo Moon Personalities

* Princess Anne
* Tempestt Bledsoe
* Sarah Brightman
* Claus Von Bulow
* Belinda Carlisle
* Dustin Hoffman
* Peter Jennings
* Norman Lear
* Madonna
* Carroll O'Connor
* Marilyn Quayle
* Robert Redford
* J.K. Rowling
* John Stamos

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