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Leo Sun Scorpio Moon

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon

The Leo Sun Scorpio Moon combination produces a vital character possessed of a highly-charged temperament. In order to achieve the lofty potential offered by this configuration...which is indeed exceedingly dynamic and powerful...these persons will need to learn how to control both passion and temper.

Leo natives governed by a Scorpio Moon have a tendency, by nature, to become very emotionally and personally involved in problems or debates. In fact, it would be something of an understatement to say that the likes and dislikes of such individuals are extremely well-defined.
Occasionally, a bout of "ranting and raving" can easily result if there is a failure to maintain a "tight lid" on natural inclinations...yet, personal success and happiness may well depend on keeping full control over such emotions and feelings. 

In short, it is necessary for Leo Sun Scorpio Moon subjects to direct their energies along constructive lines.
Leo Sun Scorpio Moon

Here are other notable characteristics and features of Leo Sun Scorpio Moon persons:

Possess an inherent magnetism
There is an inherent magnetism here which will invariably lead to much achievement in the area of leadership. However, there is likely to be far more emotionalism than mental depth in the character make-up.
Possess an intensely confident and positive nature
Leo natives ruled by a Scorpio Moon possess an intensely confident and positive nature, often revealing considerable pride and self-regard. They do not appear to rely on logic, intuition or reason but, instead, react on pure instinct.
High in moral attitudes
High in moral attitudes, these persons "draw the line" on others quickly and judge those around them far too readily based upon personally stated standards...which these individuals may not always live up to themselves. In sum, everything is colored by personal biases and there is little capacity for objectivity or detachment.
Keenly alert to personal interests in business or executive affairs
Leo Sun Scorpio Moon combination makes for an extremely driving placement, bent on obtaining power and authority and very capable of fulfilling such objectives. Leo Sun Scorpio Moon natives are keenly alert to personal interests in business or executive affairs, as well as being aggressive, vigilant and determined.
Determined and shrewd individuals and are essentially dramatic
Leo Sun Scorpio Moon individuals act quickly upon ideas and without hesitation. These are determined and shrewd individuals who are essentially dramatic...ones who are the main characters in any given drama, themselves occupying center stage.

Some Famous Leo Sun Scorpio Moon Personalities

* Ben Affleck
* Loni Anderson
* Rosanna Arquette
* Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
* Alfred Hitchcock
* Don King
* Stanley Kubrick
* Steve Martin
* Matthew Perry
* Mel Tillis
* Cindy Williams

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