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Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon

The Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon combination produces a character which harbors a constant passion for travel, adventure, change and excitement.

These are persons who search continuously for another "mountain to climb" or another "stone to turn," and to whom life itself seems to be a never-ending chain of games to win and adventures to explore.
In this Sun Moon combination, the vitality, magnanimity, warmth and authorities nature of Leo blends with the honesty, versatility, sincerity and direct nature of Sagittarius, resulting in a yielding, exceedingly optimistic and intensely enthusiastic temperament. Leo natives governed by a Sagittarius Moon possess a restless, but always positive and alert mind. 

Their challenge is to keep the "white-hot flames" of this dual fire combination ablaze, attempting to avoid the tendency for energies to "go up in smoke" and be wasted upon lively yet unproductive activities.
Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon

Here are other notable features of Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon individuals:

Prone to experience burn-out
Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon individuals are more subject than most to experience burn-out. However, by harnessing the inherent fiery emotional nature to constructive purposes and setting personal goals, there is little that they cannot accomplish.
Possess inherent dash and enthusiasm
Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon subjects are able to charm others with their dash and enthusiasm. Their boundless energy and imaginative talents assure they have the ability to go far...if they can only channel their efforts and remain true to personal goals.
Pettiness and triteness infuriate Leo natives ruled by a Sagittarius Moon and subtlety is definitely not their style
It is difficult for these individuals to settle down to a job or to a relationship or to a solid base of operation or even to a truly focused purpose of any kind. Pettiness and triteness infuriate Leo natives ruled by a Sagittarius Moon and subtlety is definitely not their style. They may get into trouble by saying precisely what they feel, but refuse to mince words or spare feelings.
While subjects of this Sun Moon combination remain mobile and independent, they will be happy...but when they begin to experience confinement or any sense of being harnessed, they can easily become very unhappy and dispirited.

Some Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon Personalities

* Danny Bonaduce
* Ray Bradbury
* Geraldine Chaplin
* Coolio
* Quinn Cummings
* Elizabeth Dole
* Alexander Fleming
* Alex Haley
* Isaac Hayes
* Lisa Kudrow
* T.E. Lawrence
* Herman Melville
* Martha Stewart

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