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Leo Sun Pisces Moon

Leo Sun Pisces Moon

The Leo Sun Pisces Moon combination brings together influences of extremely different natures.

Here, the confident majesty of Leo and the more regressive, fluctuating and variable traits inherent in Pisces blend to produce what is usually a very kind-hearten and likable personality. 

These souls are genuine in their attempts to make those close to them feel happy and secure.
Attuned and very aware, Leo natives governed by a Pisces Moon have the time and possess the necessary sympathy to listen to others and try to help.

Being both emotional and sentimental, the advice and counsel of these individuals come directly from the heart and it is truly difficult for them to remain cool and aloof. 

It is also hard for them to say "No" to almost any sincere request...a fact which can often prove to be both physically and emotionally draining.
Leo Sun Pisces Moon

Here are other notable features and characteristics of Leo Sun Pisces Moon persons:

Aware of abilities and always attempt to live up to personal ideals
The make-up of Leo Sun Pisces Moon subjects includes intuition to a large degree and they are well aware of their abilities, as well as making every attempt to live up to personal ideals of a high order.
Possess an exceptional understanding of human nature and motives
Since Leo Sun Pisces Moon individuals are intensely honest, it is far from easy for them to ever fool others...fortunately, it may be equally as hard for others to fool the Leo native ruled by a Pisces Moon for this is a person who possesses an exceptional understanding of human nature and motives.
Overly-sensitive and sentimental
Outwardly, these individuals can appear aggressive and forward, displaying a bubbly and vigorous exterior. Inwardly, however, they are invariably overly-sensitive and sentimental...even brooding and philosophic in some cases.
Very serious individuals whose motives are usually of the highest caliber
Subject to deep thought and occasional fits of depression, Leo Sun Pisces Moon natives need many true friends and companions in order for spirits to remain buoyant. In short, these are very serious individuals whose motives are usually of the highest caliber.

Some Famous Leo Sun Pisces Moon Personalities

* Ginger Baker
* Theda Bara
* Elizabeth Berkley
* James Cameron
* Coco Chanel
* Robert De Niro
* Cecil B. DeMille
* Laurence Fishburne
* Dorothy Hamill
* Mata Hari
* Victoria Jackson
* Susan Saint James
* Francis Scott Key
* Matt LeBlanc
* Robert Plant
* Gene Roddenberry
* Malcom-Jamal Warner
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