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Leo Sun Leo Moon

Leo Sun Leo Moon

The Leo Sun Leo Moon combination produces a forceful, ambitious and concentration which is bent on achieving a good deal of prestige and success in the world.

On the surface, these persons appear jovial, sunny, and full of vitality and always expressing good spirits. 

However, beneath this facade, there often lurks a hard streak in the nature...a degree of ruthlessness which never forgets or forgives any injury or slight to the innate pride and/or vanity.
Somehow, Leo Sun Leo Moon natives can be jovial, sunny and friendly while remaining so independent and authoritative that they seek nothing less than the ultimate in leadership and prominence.

Nevertheless, there is something magnificent about the methods of fighting associated with this combination...whether the battle is personal or on behalf of others. There is a scorn for enemies here that enables the Leo subject governed by a Leo Moon to demolish such enemies ruthlessly, but the action will be devoid of any malice.
Leo Sun Leo Moon

Here are other notable features and characteristics of Leo Sun Leo Moon individuals:

Actions are based upon instincts rather than analyzed personal motive
There is a detached and impersonal quality marking the nature of this combination. These individuals are not inherently introspective and many of their actions are based upon instincts rather than analyzed personal motive.
Have tremendous personal control
Leo Sun Leo Moon individuals have tremendous personal control...a control which, given time, will likely be exerted over others.
Possess a vast degree of pride and vanity
Leo Sun Leo Moon subjects possess a vast degree of pride and vanity which can be satisfied, for example, by displays of admiration and flattery from those around them...or by the broader method of achieved ambitions.
Tendency toward the excessive in a variety of ways
There will always be a constant tendency toward the excessive in a variety of ways. Leo Sun Leo Moon individuals are endowed with an immensely strong will...a will which can be used in either a positive or negative fashion.

Some Famous Leo Sun Leo Moon Personalities

* Yasser Arafat
* Stephen Carpenter
* Coby Dick
* Jonathan Frakes
* Herbert Hoover
* Donny Most
* Peter O'Toole
* Martin Sheen
* Wesley Snipes
* Patrick Swayze

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