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Leo Sun Gemini Moon

Leo Sun Gemini Moon

The Leo Sun Gemini Moon combination produces a character possessed of both action and ideas.

This particular configuration blends the vitality, personal warmth, generosity and authoritative nature inherent in Leo, with the intelligence, cleverness, flexibility and adaptability inherent in Gemini. 

The personality of these individuals is one which is perpetually seeking for ways to impress others via action or achievement...particularly by matters of the mind or personal ideas.
The mind of a Leo Sun Gemini Moon native is facile and intuitive rather than profound or overly-serious.

There is an innate ability here for making good impressions on others...this works extremely well in public life and in dealing with those who fall within the personal sphere of influence.
Leo Sun Gemini Moon

Here are other notable characteristics and features of Leo Sun Gemini Moon persons:

Like to work with their minds and are rarely to be found working hard in a physical sense
Although ideas will not be based on deep philosophy, Leo Sun Gemini Moon persons are usually quite plausible and always delivered with a manner of expression which is persuasive. Leo Sun Gemini Moon subjects like to work with their minds and are rarely to be found working hard in a physical sense in order to making a living.
Believe in "easy money" and appear to know how to obtain it
Indeed, these are characters that believe in "easy money" and appear to know how to obtain it without exerting great amounts of physical energy. Mentally, however, this Sun Moon combination could never be regarded as lazy and, at times, can become so mentally active that the result is nothing short of a "bundle of nerves."
Very interesting conversationalists
Leo Sun Gemini Moon individuals truly never stop trying to impress others with their cache of personal knowledge and are very interesting conversationalists.
Extremely social soul and loves to entertain
The Leo subject governed by a Gemini Moon is an extremely social soul and loves to entertain...especially when the guests are interesting people who can provide mental stimulation. In turn, glib analyses and sharp observations will make this individual a firm favorite among such gatherings.

Some Famous Leo Sun Gemini Moon Personalities

* Tony Bennett
* Simon Bolivar
* Connie Chung
* Davy Crockett
* Alexandre Dumas
* Eddie Fisher
* Tawny Kitaen
* Benito Mussolino
* Walter Payton
* Alfred Lord Tennyson
* B.J. Thomas
* Mae West

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