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Leo Sun Capricorn Moon

Leo Sun Capricorn Moon

The Leo Sun Capricorn Moon combination produces a highly purposeful character.

These people have a strong sense of what is personally expected out of life and this Sun Moon combination confers a good deal of mental ability and quickness. 

There is a hard inner core here which may keep these individuals from being as sociable as many others who fall under the jurisdiction of Leo as their sun sign.
Indeed, it is unlikely that Leo natives ruled by a Capricorn Moon will ever allow themselves to be "walked upon" by others. The reputation of these persons...and the impression made upon those around vitally important on a very personal level. 

In fact, they will make every effort to create a good impression by virtue of appearance and demeanor.
Leo Sun Capricorn Moon

Here are other notable features and characteristics of Leo Sun Capricorn Moon persons:

Subtle in disclosing plans and objectives
Leo Sun Capricorn Moon subjects normally display a cheerful and good-natured exterior which rarely exposes the inherent core of hardness and resolve. While not exactly secretive, these individuals are subtle in disclosing plans and objectives and truly harbor no great desire to be understood too well.
Public face of these natives seldom breaks free from the upbeat mask
Leo Sun Capricorn Moon individuals may become depressed on occasion, but will never admit that there could be any doubt about themselves or their abilities. In short, the public face of a Leo native ruled by a Capricorn Moon seldom breaks free from the upbeat mask.
Possess an immense self-respect
These are individuals who possess an immense self-respect and expect others to treat them with equal respect.
Materially ambitious and will back-up such ambition with steady purpose and tremendous power of will
Success to these persons depends heavily on building up a sound reputation for integrity and reliability...they want to be known as infinitely trustworthy. These are materially ambitious souls...ones who back-up such ambition with steady purpose and tremendous power of will.

Some Famous Leo Sun Capricorn Moon Personalities

* Neil Armstrong
* Lucille Ball
* Dan Fogelberg
* Estelle Getty
* James Hetfield
* Magic Johnson
* Yves Saint Laurent
* Napoleon Bonaparte
* Arnold Schwarzenegger
* Norman Schwarzkopf
* Connie Stevens
* Hilary Swank

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