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Leo Sun Aries Moon

Leo Sun Aries Moon

The Leo Sun Aries Moon combination produces a character comprised of intense emotions and strong personal drive.

These persons may display exceptional courage because there is little they fear and few challenges they will be hesitant to undertake. 

There is a tendency for these individuals to throw themselves into every project with total commitment.

However, this combination does make for a quick temper and people who are easily excited into action.
Any setback or loss is considered to be a very serious matter which must be responded to immediately and positively. 

When the honor of these individuals is questioned...even in the slightest fashion...they are swift to respond defensively. Indeed, combativeness is almost overpowering in the nature of any Leo Sun Aries Moon native and every problem is dealt with as though it were a direct attack.
Leo Sun Aries Moon

Here are other features and characteristics of Leo Sun Aries Moon persons:

Prone to go after what they desire with much enthusiasm and intensity
In personal relationships and in the everyday world, Leo Sun Aries Moon individuals come across as executive-type characters. Dynamic and willing to pursue any possibility to further enhance image and self-confidence, Leo Sun Aries Moon subjects go after what they desire with much enthusiasm and intensity.
Willing to assume responsibilities and meet obligations
These may be rash and impulsive souls, but ones which remain willing to give almost any idea a good try. Never hesitant or shirking, this combination produces individuals who will assume responsibility and meet obligations.
Inherent talent for appearing in complete control of situations
The only fear here is usually directed toward those who are deemed to be intellectually superior since the Leo Sun Aries Moon native does not consider himself or herself to be particularly brilliant. Nevertheless, this shortcoming is seldom noticed by others as there is an inherence talent for appearing in complete control, coupled with an air of personal superiority in all situations.
Possess quick common-sense mind
A quick common-sense mind is the special gift of Leo Sun Aries Moon individuals and, when fully-developed, will ensure that the Leo Sun Aries Moon subject remains in the "driver's seat."

Some Famous Leo Sun Aries Moon Personalities

* Gracie Allen
* Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong
* Antonio Banderas
* Aubrey Beardsley
* Louise Brown (first test tube baby)
* Charisma Carpenter
* Peggy Fleming
* Jerry Garcia
* Whitney Houston
* Mary Jo Kopechne
* Jennifer Lopez
* Robert Mitchum
* Martin Mull
* Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
* Kevin Spacey
* Andy Warhol

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