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Leo Sun Aquarius Moon

Leo Sun Aquarius Moon

The Leo Sun Aquarius Moon combination produces an interesting character blessed with a personality which is extremely attractive to others.

This configuration blends the vitality, warmth, generosity, magnanimity and pride inherent in Leo, with the originality, ingenuity and friendliness inherent in Aquarius. 

Whatever these persons undertake is usually met with popular support for they are highly social souls who are both likable and extroverted.
There is a natural desire for Leo natives governed by an Aquarius Moon to project their personalities into public affairs or activities of a creative nature. 
Leo Sun Aquarius Moon

Here are other notable features and characteristics of Leo Sun Aquarius Moon persons:

Exceedingly philosophical individuals
Leo Sun Aquarius Moon persons are exceedingly philosophical individuals, inclined to mental expansion and creativity, but may not be as much purposeful as they are idealistic and romantic.
There is a tendency here to "skim the surface" and drift from one idea to the next
With regard to the many subjects that will attract the interest of Leo Sun Aquarius Moon persons, there will be a sense of sincerity...but not one which is deeply involved and/or committed. There is a tendency here to "skim the surface" and drift from one idea to the next...never attaining much more than the most superficial understanding of anything.
Dislike becoming too involved
Leo Sun Aquarius Moon natives dislike becoming too involved because their interests are so varied. Thus, they are reluctant to remain focused on one idea or one type of person for long. Indeed, such romanticism and idealism seems to out-distance any form of ambition and commitment in these individuals.
Nevertheless, Leo Sun Aquarius natives do like knowing a "little something" about many different things and usually get along well in life with this gift.

Some Famous Leo Sun Aquarius Moon Personalities

* Menachem Begin
* Peter Bogdanovich
* Sandra Bullock
* Kate Bush
* Keith Carradine
* David Duchovny
* Henry Ford
* Tipper Gore
* Melanie Griffith
* David Koresh
* Gerald McRaney
* Beatrix Potter
* JonBenet Ramsey
* Billy Bob Thornton

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