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Leo Professions

Leo Professions

Leo natives tend to succeed extremely well in any profession which allows them a platform from which they can pontificate. Being ruled by the Element of Fire, these individuals are very independent and resent being commanded or controlled in any manner.

They possess keen business instincts despite the fact that their judgment in important matters may occasionally be somewhat hasty. They do seem to be better fitted by nature to rule rather than be ruled. The placing of responsibility upon the shoulders of these individuals will cause them to display true worth and real executive ability.
Leo Professions
By nature, Leo subjects are exceedingly independent and will often resent being commanded. They seem to exceed extraordinarily well as chemists or physicians. Due to their empathy and high ideals, they will easily attract and retain patients, whom they have the ability to inspire with gentle ministrations.

Here are other things you need to know about Leo professions:

  • Leo individuals are born to direct, command, lead, impose justice, create, express and communicate. One of the missions in the life of a Leo individual is to teach others to work for personal ambitions and personal happiness. However, these natives are far better fitted for mental labor rather than the physical.
  • Those governed by Leo will be focused upon their work and make for excellent team leaders. Such individuals are likely to also be risk-takers (although usually not unless the odds are heavily stacked in their favor since they hate to lose and look bad) who desire the world and often get it.
  • As employees, Leo individuals will be most effective in promotion and sales. These are natural show people and will keep customers happy with their warm and sunny disposition. However, beneath the brave facade there normally lurks a secret fear that there is no true courage to be found. Nevertheless, despite this, Leo natives will persist with their extreme vanity and insufferable ego.
  • They are invaluable in a crisis and suddenly, to the surprise of everyone, will usually show themselves to be the steadiest of souls. Given the inherent fetish for authority, if those governed by this Sign cannot be the boss, then they must have a position where they can display their talents and abilities to the world in some fashion.
  • If the role of executive or leader is denied, then Leo subjects will be happiest as teachers or salesman, for example. They seek occupations which will allow them to impart their superior knowledge to others in some manner or permit them to stand in the bright spotlight of publicity. Leo individuals will work harder than anyone to keep a steady stream of compliments coming their way. Indeed, flattery tends to egg them on and bereft of same, they will perform to only half of their actual potential.

Investments Likely To Make Money for Leo Individuals
Investments likely to make money for Leo individuals include utility companies, natural gas and its by-products, drug companies, advertising, public relations and anything involving the entertainment industry...movies, television, music production, theme parks, computer games, etc.
Suitable Leo Professions Include:

- Architecture - Musician - Inventor - Professional Athlete - Education - Chemist - Physician - Public Speaker - Minister - Entertainment - Managerial Positions - Executive Positions - Politician - Publicist -

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