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Leo Personalities

Leo Personalities

When I think of Leo Personalities; what comes to mind are proud souls who place courage and personal honesty above all else. This is the Sign of exuberance and idealism, denoting a powerful personality.

To some extent, Leo personalities are influenced and affected by the qualities associated with the Decan into which the Leo individual falls. 

Hence, we will be looking at Leo personalities with respect to minor planetary influences, which temper or blend with the ruling influence of the period.

Leo Personalities

Detailed Features of Leo personalities

Leo Personalities (First Decan) 
Born July 23 to August 1
The First Decan of Leo is also known as the Leo Decante and the "Week of Authority."

This Decan is the most typical of its native Sign, meaning that individuals born during this period possess a tremendous amount of added staying power. Once these subjects set out to accomplish something, they will persist regardless of encountered obstacles, until success is attained.
Added to this determination is a driving ability which helps supply the energy and stamina necessary for such persistance. The personality and physical appearance of these First Decan Leo natives has a certain brightness and sparkle often envied by others who are not so blessed.
There is an accented personal pride associated with this Decan...a pride easily noticed by anyone who is aware of the erect walk and upward tilt of the head. When these Leo individuals arrive upon the scene, everyone is immediately aware of the regal presence and naturally tends to respect, honor and make room.
Since command of the spotlight is so easily achieved, these Leo natives need to exercise care that they do not overdo or abuse such a privilege. It is easy for others to experience envy or resentment toward them.
Thus, First Decan individuals should practice giving those around them a small portion of the limelight from time-to-time...if they wish to be as well-liked and highly regarded as they appear to desire.
The motto of the First Decan of Leo is "Rulership."
Leo Personalities (Second Decan) 
Born August 2 to August 11
The Second Decan of Leo is also known as the Sagittarius Decante and the "Week of Balanced Strength."
The influence of Jupiter, secondary planet governing this Decan, can induce numerous and rather interesting differences but chiefly amplifies, enlarges and magnifies the more traditional characteristics associated with the Sign of Leo.
This secondary planetary influence appears to add something of the gambler's instinct to certain Second Decan Leo subjects since they do enjoy taking chances from time-to-time and this element of risk adds a special interest to the lives of such individuals.
Hugely interested in advanced education, Second Decan subjects can be motivated toward becoming students for much of their lives. Their ability to communicate in an intelligent fashion impresses others, who may well assume that this native is a college graduate even if he or she has never gone beyond high school.
Basically, the Second Decan of Leo is counted among the strongest to be found in the entire Zodiac. Common sense is frequently accompanied by a most generous disposition which is both open-minded and open-hearted.
The "will to win" inherent in natives of the Sun (primary governing planet of this Decan), coupled with talent to "see things through" which is provided by Jupiter, results in individuals who are understanding, tolerant and tactful when dealing with those around them...often able to overlook the foibles of friends and family.
Perhaps the greatest fault of these natives is overconfidence, which can lead to conceit and may cause those who fall under the jurisdiction of this Decan to place self-interest above the honesty which this Second Decan customarily represents.
The motto of the Second Decan of Leo is "Reform."
Leo Personalities (Third Decan) 
Born August 12 to August 22
The Third Decan of Leo is also known as the Aries Decante and the "Week of Leadership."
The influence of Mars, secondary planet governing this Decan, can induce some rather exciting and interesting characteristics but chiefly provides the ability to concentrate and focus the power and warmth afforded by the Sun (primary planet governing this Decan), so that such power and warmth may be utilized most efficiently for whatever might need to be accomplished.
When this immensely potent energy force is used wisely, then few things can stand in the way of Third Decan Leo natives for very long regarding their progress in life. The external ego is strong here due to the influence of Leo, but is even more accentuated because of the effect of Aries, first Sign of the Zodiac.
Personal pride and natural dynamism are readily apparent here, but will only appear admirable if they do not impose upon the egos and rights of others. The high energy courtesy of Mars makes Third Decan Leo natives very active and quick-moving. Indeed, it is difficult for these individuals to remain idle for even the most brief periods of time and, due to this inherent restlessness, seldom need to be concerned with obesity.
Since these subjects respond so well to challenges, they are happier when setting a rather difficult personal goal...and once this has been accomplished, another should be set immediately.
Others generally like to be in the company of these Third Decan subjects because their zest for life seems to inspire those around them to the point of believing that life truly is worth living. The dominance of the Sun is probably at its most forceful in this Decan of Leo, resulting in natives whose disposition is both brave and virile.
These are also inspirational, knowledgeable and enlightened souls who are competitive and physical, but possess an absolute aversion of being told what to do. There is a thirst for real adventure here, coupled with honesty and strength of purpose.
Finding it impossible to resist a challenge, these individuals are prone to flirt with danger and are independent to a fault...although there may be a secret desire to find someone who will take care of them.
The motto of the Third Decan of Leo is "Ambition." 


The planetary influences described under Leo decans are valuable in "shading" the personalities of many Leo individuals, but are generally subordinate to the stronger characteristic of Leo.

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