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Leo Man Sagittarius Woman

Leo Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Leo man Sagittarius woman match often results in fireworks. Both are extremely dynamic and enjoy life to the fullest extent. This is an energetic pair who is fun to be around, with each individual encouraging the other to aim high. 

Both individuals are warm, charismatic and charming. Consequently, other people find enjoyment basking within the energy radiated by this couple.

Actually, Leo man and Sagittarius woman tend to be well respected by those around them and it is vital that each remembers to also treat the other with the utmost respect.

Paradoxically, Sagittarius woman will be very possessive of Leo man. Also, the philosophical tendency inherent in Sagittarius woman warrants a distraction to the Leo man's obsession with the larger-than-life.
Leo Man Sagittarius Woman

Here are notable features of Leo man Sagittarius woman relationships:

  • Each individual is prone to be impatient...but they are such endearing souls. Leo man may well become annoyed by the flirting of Sagittarius woman, but there will never be a dull moment in this relationship. Natives of Sagittarius view the world as a textbook from which they must study, while Leo man acts as the gracious host.
  • Both are extremely social beings, but it is of paramount importance to Leo man that he feels in control of the conversation. By nature, Leo man is a leader with Sagittarius woman being an who slowly takes time to survey any target and feel the nuances of difference in approach.
  • Women governed by Sagittarius must have "space" in order to exercise the personal freedom which is so loved by this Sign. They simply fail to understand why the Leo partner is prone to engage in fits of jealousy over what are personally perceived to be "harmless flirtations."
  • Despite being fond of the outdoors and something of a sports enthusiast, Sagittarius woman will not mind if Leo man prefers to remain at home in comfort...provided an agreement can be reached on other recreational pursuits to be undertaken together.
Leo man Sagittarius woman union does have the potential to be a rewarding relationship provided the love and desire is there.

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