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Leo Man Likes and Dislikes

Leo Man Likes and Dislikes

Looking at Leo man likes and dislikes, I will say men governed by Leo need constant attention in order to keep alive and warm. When young, they have no time or patience for the more timid sweetheart and men ruled by Leo will spend a great deal of time juggling with romantic prospects.
In order to be happy with a Leo man, you must do absolutely nothing to challenge his ruling power. He must never be antagonized and his point of view never belittled.

As a father, he takes pleasure in playing games with his children but is prone to roar when they go too far, promptly dispatching them off to bed and blaming his partner for the lack of discipline.

Here are details of Leo man likes and dislikes in a relationship:

  • Leo man likes his mate to be admired and noticed by others and enjoys being seen out and about with his loved one.
  • He is a great admirer of creativity and imagination. Perhaps the most abhorrent of a Leo male is the turning off of the spotlight when he is basking in its warm rays and this is something you must be careful to never do.
  • Being a born actor and natural showman, this man loves to be the center of intrigue but will quickly leave any mate who tries to steal his limelight.
Leo Man Likes and Dislikes
  • Leo subjects cannot tolerate for long those who would constantly or repeatedly attempt to upstage them and are certain to display defiance toward anyone who seriously threatens their right of ruler ship.
  • In short, those governed by Leo must always be given the leading role and any mate must be willing to accept, at best, a good supporting part.
  • Although insistent that any partner be an independent person, the Leo man also wants that partner to be dependent upon him. Thus, the Leo male can be a difficult soul to love...but most find the task well worth the effort.
Actually, there is a deep love for life and all of its possibilities, including luxuries. This love transfers magnificently into how Leo male express their feelings.


In essence, Leo man likes and dislikes centers on stability which stems from a need to control all that he surveys. He also harbors a desire to be constantly told that he is magnificent and wonderful.
Should he become impatient, impetuous and quick to anger, it will be necessary to remember that this is simply his way and within a few moments, the mood will have passed.

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