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Leo Man Compatibility

Leo Man Compatibility

Looking at Leo man compatibility, it is important to note that a man governed by this Sign need to exercise much care and prudence in the selection of a long time mate since any misstep could result in a life of unhappiness.

He should be particularly cautioned against hasty commitments of a long term nature at a young age and in most instances, it would it would be advantageous for him if he did not take this step until well-settled in life.

Any partner should be on an equal plane both socially and intellectually for longevity to be achieved.
Leo Man Compatibility

Let’s briefly look at Leo man compatibility with other Zodiac Signs:

Leo Man Compatibility with Aries
Here, there are many similarities in the romantic arena, which can be one of the most important things that will keep this pair true to commitments. Between the two of them, if at least one is loving and tactful with the other...meeting emotional needs...then this could be a happy union of some longevity.

Leo Man Compatibility with Taurus
In order to achieve even a modicum of peace and harmony, each partner in Leo man and Taurus relationship must strive to keep the physical activity between them alive and well. Basically, each knows how to stroke the other's ego and each loves to have his or her ego stroked.

Leo Man Compatibility with Gemini
In a physically romantic sense, the variable desires of Gemini may be a complete mystery to the Leo man, who is prone to love whole-hardheartedly. Still, the Leo partner will be perfectly capable of breaking a warm and affectionate manner...any resentment that Gemini may be harboring and thereby easing the tension in the intimate arena. In short, this is regarded as a favorable union.

Leo Man Compatibility with Cancer
In the romantic arena, the demands of Leo man can become excessive...their appetites vary considerably. Longevity will doubtless depend upon whether the Leo partner can show consideration and maintain a giving attitude. Still, given all the differences in personalities clashing constantly, this is a shaky union, at best.

Leo Man Compatibility with fellow Leo
Leo man and Leo woman thoroughly enjoys the romantically physical side of a relationship, so there should be no problem in that area, but there is a danger that such could develop into an overactive life of intimacy that could branch out into a rather perverse that may become totally devoid of love unless kept in check and confined within boundaries. The intense relationship between this couple could develop into a lifelong love affair or a lifetime of hate. Basically, it is not generally considered to be the most recommended union.

Leo Man Compatibility with Virgo
Here, the fiery physical intimacy of Leo man will fail to be matched by Virgo, since Virgo is rather easily satisfied and harbors no desire for games or fantasies. In essence, this pairing will generally prove to be a rather shaky union at best.

Leo Man Compatibility with Libra
The Leo man approach to an intimate relationship could be one that is direct and straightforward and, with a different partner, might enter the realm of fantasy. With Libra, however, his physical desires are unlikely to be expressed to the fullest extent due to the many hours spent arguing and bickering. In essence, this is probably a relationship that should be avoided since it can result in the type of situation that often breeds abuse...if not physically, then at least mentally and verbally.

Leo Man Compatibility with Scorpio

Scorpio natives are somewhat infamous for being overly active in the arena of physical intimacy, so this aspect of the relationship may compensate the Leo partner for many other things...but this is also an area where the Leo partner is likely to be expected to give way to the wishes of Scorpio and, when it is noticed by the Leo partner that Scorpio is reluctant to reciprocate, Leo man will doubtless begin to feel hurt and rejected. In short, this will be a rather storm-tossed pairing at best.

Leo Man Compatibility with Sagittarius
If the Leo man can refrain from trying to "tame" his Sagittarius mate and refrain from condemning and/or arguing over the romantic indiscretions that might be committed, then in time, Sagittarius may decide there is no reason to look elsewhere for the satisfaction that can be found at home. The Leo man Sagittarius union does have the potential to be a rewarding relationship provided the love and desire is there.

Leo Man Compatibility with Capricorn
Romantically, the approach of Leo man is light-hearten and fun-loving, but Capricorn is prone to be straight-laced and serious about physical intimacy. Over the course of time, the Capricorn partner may loosen up a little in this area, but that is by no means a certainty. Capricorn probably considers the Leo man desire for intimacy to be somewhat overly indulgent and may even grow irritated since by nature, those ruled by Capricorn believe in moderation of all things.

Leo Man Compatibility with Aquarius
Leo man and Aquarius are both independent souls, but conflicts could arise if Leo man is perceived as being too demanding, or if Aquarius seems too aloof. It will be important for each partner to respect the differences of perspective in the other. Leo man may prove to be somewhat overly dramatic for the Aquarius taste...but then, Aquarius could well be too unsteady for the Leo partner. Still, if each can communicate to the other the value of the relationship, then things will probably go more smoothly.

Leo Man Compatibility with Pisces
Both Signs relish romantic interludes...and relish them often. In order to keep Leo happy, Pisces must learn to control the inherent changeable moods and strive to keep such moods separate from the love life. If the Leo man is able to accept an individual governed by a somewhat weaker Sign as a partner, then this relationship could work out rather well...but the Leo man Pisces combination will never be one of the strongest unions the Zodiac has to offer. 

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