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Leo Man Characteristics

Leo man characteristics show that of a happy man...warm-hearten, devil-may-care and prone to be rather a show-off at times. 

He has the inherent capability to play the eternal sweetheart, if given the chance, and he is willing to make his entire life revolve around the partner of choice

...although this may not necessarily put a stop to the roving of his twinkling eye.

Here are notable positive and negative Leo man characteristics:

Positive Leo Man Characteristics
  • In a physically romantic sense, Leo man is both passionate and insistent, and any mate or friend will never experience a dull moment with the Leo male. He will be fond of any children he fathers and will take pleasure in playing games with them.
  • The Leo man is generous, sympathetic, kindhearted and blessed with a magnetic personality, not to mention a natural ability to influence others. However, this is a man who is highly emotional...sometimes to his detriment.
Leo Man Characteristics
  • Usually creative, the Leo man seeks stability, which stems from a need to control all that he surveys. He also harbors a desire to be constantly told that he is magnificent and wonderful.
  • Exceedingly attractive, individuals of all ages and both sexes are drawn to his charm. This is a male possessed with drive, ambition and virtually limitless courage.
Negative Leo Man Characteristics
  • If reasonably wealthy, this man can be something of a playboy and on occasion, appears to take nothing seriously, which can be exceedingly irritating to a potential mate.
  • In general, men ruled by this Sign are said to be lovable but maddening. There is a tendency for Leo man to experience ups-and-down in long term commitments and he actually seem to relish a good argument...perhaps because he relish making up even more.
  • For no apparent reason, he is liable to bring his mate a thoughtful gift one day and then totally forget the birthday which falls the following week. Being a born actor and natural showman, this man loves to be the center of intrigue but will quickly leave any mate who tries to steal his limelight.
A born ruler, the Leo male is happiest when at the head of anything he undertakes, be it in the business field or social arena. Although insistent that any partner be an independent person, the Leo man also wants that partner to be dependent upon him. Thus, the Leo male can be a difficult soul to love...but most find the task well worth the effort. 
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