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Leo Man Capricorn Woman

Leo Man Capricorn Woman Love Union

Leo man Capricorn woman union generally results in a mutually supportive relationship, although the Capricorn partner will be more conservative, hard-working and traditional in outlook.

Leo man is a firm believer in hard work, but tends to get things accomplished by way of charm and social skills.

Still, both individuals are extremely devoted souls, particularly to each other. On the surface, this appears to be a rather unlikely couple, but love can grow if time is taken to unearth the similarities between these two Signs.
Leo Man Capricorn Woman
In the area of everyday life, there could not be two more different personalities than those of Leo man and Capricorn woman. Leo man adores clothes, the best furniture and is constantly seeking life's status symbols. Conversely, Capricorn woman could not care less about such things, finding the simple life far more attractive and believing that to save for the future is of paramount importance.

Here are positive and negative features of Leo man Capricorn woman Relationships

Positive Feature of Leo Man Capricorn Woman Union
  • Both enjoy comfort, being pampered and working toward their personally set goals. Both also relish the spotlight and harbor a fondness for material possessions. However, while Leo man can be outrageous, Capricorn woman tends to be more classical. These are two very determined and with a little careful attention, the Leo man Capricorn woman couple can sympathize with each other and eventually come to realize that they have much to learn from one another.
  • Leo man can show Capricorn woman a good time while Capricorn woman can prove the value of hard work and traditional values to the Leo partner.
  • Actually, Leo man with Capricorn woman mate is a couple who will usually enjoy the time they spend together and who will make time to pursue personal interests as well. If each can continually reassure the other of his or her significance, then conflicts may not necessarily be harmful to this relationship.
Negative Features of Leo Man Capricorn Woman Union
  • It is inherent in Capricorn woman’s nature to indulge in periods of solitude...particularly if she feels under too much pressure or the arguments become too intense. It is not unusual for her to disappear for days, leaving the Leo partner to conduct a panicked and worried search until she emerges once more, totally unconcerned about the furor her vanishing act has caused. Too many occurrences such as this will undoubtedly wreck the nerves of high-strung Leo man.
  • Women governed by Capricorn usually find it difficult to see the brighter side of life while Leo men tend to be the eternal cock-eyed optimist. Thus, Leo man Capricorn woman pair will probably be at odds over even the most minor of things.
  • Romantically, the approach of Leo man is light-hearten and fun-loving, but Capricorn woman is prone to be straight-laced and serious about physical intimacy. Over the course of time, the Capricorn partner may loosen up a little in this area, but that is by no means a certainty. Capricorn woman probably considers Leo man’s desire for intimacy to be somewhat overly indulgent and may even grow irritated since she believes in moderation of all things.
Leo man Capricorn woman blend is capable of creating a balanced romantic relationship. Provided these two pay attention to each other, the combination here could be quite successful. Both are strong in terms of personality and may initially seem a very unlikely pair...but this may well be a prime example of opposites attracting.

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