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Leo Man Cancer Woman

Leo Man Cancer Woman Love Relationship

The Leo man Cancer Woman combination is generally one of mutual understanding for the most part. 

Basically, each knows how to satisfy the primary emotional needs within the other. 

Both require dedication and tender, loving care...but while Cancer woman seeks stability and emotional harmony, Leo man craves heartfelt compliments and sincere admiration.
Leo Man Cancer Woman

Here are positive and negative features of Leo man Cancer woman 

Positive Features of Leo man Cancer woman Relationships
  • Here, both individuals are fiercely loyal, even to the point of possessiveness...Cancer woman for the sake of safety and Leo man for the sake of self-confidence. In addition, this pair will be equally committed to an enduring and rewarding connection. Since the desires are similar, Cancer woman and Leo man may fill very important voids in each other's lives.
  • The mutual preference for comfort and security of both partners will be on a grand scale. This couple enjoys a lovely home and close-knit family, with Leo man providing the flair and passion, while Cancer woman furnishes a sensitive yet intense instinct to nurture. However, the Leo partner will invariably be the bigger, bolder and more vivid of the two...the very picture of majesty and status.
  • The quiet outer facade of the Cancer woman personality was quite possibly what first attracted Leo man and Cancer woman would be well advised to try and be everything that Leo man expects in a mate.
Negative Features of Leo man Cancer woman Relationships
  • Since Cancer woman is inherently moody and easily hurt by almost everything that is said, she is liable to sulk for days and this will certainly not sit well with the Leo partner, who has no time for anyone who cannot keep up.
  • Given the choice, Cancer woman would prefer a calm and stable life, harboring no desire for glamour or acclaim. Conversely, Leo man loves to shake things up embracing all that is novel and unexpected. Although each partner may commit to a relationship on an emotional level, each can continue to follow his or her natural instincts while remaining totally devoted to one another. However, if the love intentions have not been made clear, then this pair may find themselves on an endless and emotional roller coaster ride. Hiding behind her innocent shell, Cancer woman can be the more quietly controlling of the two and a degree...manipulate the Leo man when it appears practical to do so.
Leo man strives with ardent energy toward praise and appreciation. Cancer woman yearn for security and stability. Both Signs like to take charge, but they approach the leadership role from vastly different directions. A multitude of disputes are liable to arise from these differences.

Still, as long as Leo man and Cancer woman never take their relationship for granted...and provided they reassure each other in practical and romantic ways that the union is important...they can generally find a rather happy medium.

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