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Leo Man Aries Woman

Leo Man Aries Woman Love Compatibility

Leo man Aries woman attraction could be passionate, fiery and instantaneous. 

However, the need of a Leo man to be treated as the greater light in the household, coupled with need for constant attention, could cause much strife with the Aries woman, whose "me first" attitude rivals that of Leo man.

Moreover, the Leo man's requirement for incessant flattery may meet with disapproval and resentment, since Aries woman tends to believe that "once said" should be sufficient for anybody.
Leo Man Aries Woman

Here are positive and negative features of Leo man Aries woman Relationships:

Positive Features of Leo man Aries woman Relationships
  • Leo man Aries woman will be a loyal pair who cares deeply for each other and when they reach an understanding that there does not always have to be a boss, this can be a blissful and exciting union. There is a mutual admiration here and with Aries woman as the initiator and Leo man as the one who follows through, each has an integral niche within the partnership.
  • Aries can provide the Leo native with the assertiveness to charge ahead and take chances. In turn, Leo can help teach the Aries partner to stabilize and follow things through to completion.
  • The romantic interludes will be magnificent with little if any infidelity since each finds in the other what he or she needs. Leo man likes aggressive tendencies in others and aggression is part and parcel of the Aries woman’s character.
Negative Features of Leo man Aries woman Relationships
  • Aries woman may occasionally damage the feelings of Leo man by saying something hurtful without thinking. Conversely, Aries woman may become irritated by Leo man's bossy nature and the tendency to sulk.
  • Leo man Aries woman union can result to an extremely heated and passionate relationship. When this union is good, then it is outstanding...but when it is bad, then it is all about loud arguments and bruised egos. In this combination, there will inevitably be an ongoing competition regarding who is in charge and since a love affair should not be concerned with power, this can easily become a problem.
  • Leo man love to be adored and relish having his egos stroked. These are services that the easily-bored Aries woman may not always want to provide. Moreover, the Aries partner may be bothered by the flirtatious nature of Leo man.
Leo man and Aries woman have many similarities in the romantic arena, which can be one of the most important things that will keep this pair true to commitments. Between the two of them, if at least one loves and tactful with the other...meeting emotional needs...then this could be a happy union of some longevity.

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