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Leo Man Aquarius Woman

Leo Man Aquarius Woman

The best aspect of a Leo man Aquarius woman match is the ability to create magic when they are together. Fixed Fire and Fixed Air should have little trouble in covering all the bases.

This is a pair who is capable of conceiving an idea, putting it into action and then seeing it through to completion. Above all, this is probably a union of vision and practice.
Leo Man Aquarius Woman
It is inherent in the nature of Aquarius woman to always have new ideas, but not necessarily the drive to bring such ideas to fruition. Leo man is capable of providing this trait. Leo man and Aquarius woman are both independent souls, but conflicts could arise if Leo man is perceived as being too demanding, or if Aquarius woman seems too aloof.

Here are positive and negative features of Leo man Aquarius woman union

Positive Features of Leo man Aquarius woman Relationships
  • An energetic and unstoppable partnership, there is never a dull moment in the Leo man Aquarius woman union...although occasional competitions may occur. These are both congenial Signs and that could make for a good relationship. In addition, both tend to be idealistic and highly motivated.
  • Leo man and Aquarius woman are prone to have a multitude of interests and Leo man's desire to be original will lead to him being more than happy to carry out the ideas of the more withdrawn Aquarius partner. Actually, the merging of Aquarius woman foresight and Leo man creativity will cause those around them to take notice of this pair.
Negative Features of Leo man Aquarius woman Relationships
  • The more undeveloped form of the Aquarius man personality results in a rather cowardly character who never confronts anything in life, except for violent quarrels with her spouse. Once this cowardice is noticed by the Leo mate, then a loss of respect is sure to follow and will result in Leo man abandoning the relationship entirely to go in search of a partner he can respect.
  • Both Leo man and Aquarius woman are known for their pride and fixed opinions, which will almost certainly result in many arguments between this couple. Above all else, Aquarius women are humanitarians and have no interest in material gain. Men ruled by Leo place prime importance upon financial success and thus, have little patience with the ideals of Aquarius, believing such ideals to be unrealistic.
It will be important for each partner to respect the differences of perspective in the other. Leo man may prove to be somewhat overly dramatic for the Aquarius woman’s taste...but then, Aquarius woman could well be too unsteady for the Leo partner.
Still, if each can communicate to the other the value of the relationship, then things will probably go more smoothly. 

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