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Leo Lucky Number and Leo Lucky color

Leo Lucky Number and Color

Leo Lucky Number

The lucky number for Leo is one (also known as the Monad or God of All Numbers). Associated with the Sun (this Sign's ruling "Planet"), one is the number of Divine Purpose, the number of Creation and the number of Unity.

One is the beginning of all counting and the root of solitary forces. It is the symbol of identity, harmony and conservation, having no parts and being individual by nature. 
Leo Lucky Number and Color
One is masculine in nature and, when associated with Leo, resides in the Fifth House of Creative Expression and Social Popularity...the House of the Heart. 

The colors associated with the number one are all those within the yellow, orange and brown families. Its peak tends to be during the daylight hours, with its natural element being fire and its associated gems being rubies, topaz, yellow diamonds and amber.
Leo Lucky Color
Leo Lucky Color

The lucky colors for Leo are gold and orange...colors which emanate from the Sun, this Sign's ruling "Planet." The Sun represents the life force and is the visible symbol of the Cosmic Creator in the solar system. Gold is traditionally associated with royalty, symbolic of the color of the heavens and has historically been used to decorate statues of the Buddha and religious temples. 

This color is also said to be representative of pride. Gold is believed to attract positive influences, evoking the sensation of looking upon waving fields of ripened grain stalks. It is also connected with justice and career matters. In heraldry, gold is symbolic of honor and loyalty.
Positive Qualities Of Leo Lucky Color Orange:

Physical Comfort - Security - Passion - Abundance Negative Qualities Of Orange: Frustration - Immaturity
Leo individuals tend to prefer solid blocks of bright, positive and powerful color rather than complicated patterns. Leo natives are also drawn to colors traditionally associated with royalty...regal shades of red, blue, purple and gold, for example. In short, Leo is associated with warm colors in general, or warmer shades of the cooler colors...very rich mixtures of blue and purple which lean more toward the red than the blue. There is also a tendency to be drawn to all things which are bold, bright and rather "splashy."

Other Favorable Colors:

Pink - Red - Green - Yellow - Bright Brown - Bright Black -Variegated Colors Unfavorable Colors: White - Grey - Dull Brown - Faded Colors 

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