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Leo Love Match

A look at Detailed Leo Love Match

Leo love match can be seen by matching the planetary influences of the Zodiac Signs. Sometimes the strengths and weakness of some Zodiac Signs may prove complimentary. 

While in many cases, character traits of most zodiac signs are not compatible for a Leo native……and may prove to be unwholesome to mutual relationship.

Hence, as a Leo you will be forewarned if there are points of serious clash of interest and aptitudes.
Leo Love Match

Here are details of Leo love match with the twelve Zodiac Signs:

Leo Love Match with Aries
Leo Aries relationship will never be anything less than exciting. Despite their sometimes noisy differences, Aries often looks to Leo as a guide or counselor and any divergences between this pair can be overcome. Both Aries and Leo are normally respected by others and it will be vital that such respect also exist within the confines of this relationship.
Between the two of them, if at least one loves and tactful with the other...meeting emotional needs...then this could be a happy union of some longevity.
Leo Love Match with Taurus
Because there is so much mutual admiration between this pair, an infatuation may begin the moment these two become acquainted and could very well lead to a commitment of some longevity. At times, the Taurus partner may feel that Leo is too sure of his or her standing and in fact, Leo may take the Taurus native for granted.
Battles between these two could be epic in proportion.
Leo Love Match with Gemini
Those governed by Gemini have the strength and adaptability to allow Leo to have his or her own way much of the time since the probing manner of Gemini soon finds that Leo is not only sincere, but that the over-demanding manner is designed to ensure that what is best for both partners is accomplished.
This couple shares an ability to adapt to each other's moods and ways, making for a very good union...either because of the challenges it offers or in spite of them.
Leo Love Match with Cancer
The Leo individual will doubtless experience much trouble in breaking through the protective shell of Cancer, since those governed by that Sign prefer to hide their feelings inside, showing the world a very different image with every indication that they are thicker skinned than they truly are.
However, with persistence, Leo will eventually breach the barrier and discover a very sensitive person whose feelings are easily damaged.

Leo Love Match with fellow Leo
Leo individuals are renowned for their strong and dominating character traits. Here, the Leo Leo love combination would probably not get along as well as other identical Zodiac Signs since both partners would likely be totally inflexible and troubles would undoubtedly ensue before the relationship had gone very far.
Still, it is in the Leo nature to love with his or her entire heart and this trait alone could go a long way in overcoming some of the more negative aspects of this union. In addition, the shared love of flamboyance could result in a home that is a showplace for friends and family to admire.
Leo Love Match with Virgo
Initially, this couple may overlook common interests and believe they have nothing to gain from one another. Yet, this is a relationship that could evolve over time, with each partner gradually understanding and appreciating the other. Leo is by nature extroverted, dominant and charismatic, but often cursed with a very short fuse. Virgo is inherently studious and withdrawn, blessed with far more versatility than Leo.
Although there are obvious differences, this pair can sometimes make for a rather wonderful love match, provided each mate can warm to the other's unfamiliar style
Leo Love Match with Libra
On the surface, the Leo/Libra partnership promises to be an agreeable one since these two Signs are situated apart in the Zodiac. There will be an understanding by both partners of the inner workings of the other and if Leo's unbounded energy can blend favorably with Libra's natural sense of harmony, the end result could be one of great balance.
The Leo approach to an intimate relationship could be one that is direct and straightforward and, with a different partner, might enter the realm of fantasy. With Libra, however, his or her physical desires are unlikely to be expressed to the fullest extent due to the many hours spent arguing and bickering.
Leo Love Match with Scorpio
The Leo Scorpio relationship tends to result in a dynamic and intense union, with each partner normally being well-tuned to the needs of the other. Scorpio demands respect and harbors a deep desire to be wanted, while Leo needs adoration and has to be constantly complimented. Both individuals are extremely loyal and often possessive of one another.
Since both Leo and Scorpio are so determined, this couple will need to work very hard in order to understand and accept one another.
Leo Love Match with Sagittarius
The Leo/Sagittarius match often results in fireworks. Both Signs are extremely dynamic and enjoy life to the fullest extent. This is an energetic pair who is fun to be around, with each individual encouraging the other to aim high. Plus, these two have a genuine admiration and respect for one another. Both individuals are warm, charismatic and charming.
Leo and Sagittarius tend to be well respected by those around them and it is vital that each remembers to also treat the other with the utmost respect.
Leo Love Match with Capricorn
On the surface, this appears to be a rather unlikely couple, but love can grow if time is taken to unearth the similarities between these two Signs. Both enjoy comfort, being pampered and working toward their personally set goals. Both also relish the spotlight and harbor a fondness for material possessions. However, while Leo can be outrageous, Capricorn tends to be more classical.
These are two very determined Signs and with a little careful attention, the Leo/Capricorn couple can sympathize with each other and eventually come to realize that they have much to learn from one another.
Leo Love Match with Aquarius
The merging of Aquarius foresight and Leo creativity will cause those around them to take notice of this pair. An energetic and unstoppable partnership, there is never a dull moment in the Leo Aquarius union...although occasional competitions may occur. These are both congenial Signs and that could make for a good relationship. In addition, both tend to be idealistic and highly motivated.
Attracted to all things novel, this couple will be thrill-seekers and may, every now and then, turn life into a giant game of "Truth or Dare." Here, the best chance for longevity is probably founded on unending mutual admiration.
Leo Love Match with Pisces
Natives of Pisces natives tend to give the impression that they need to be protected or mothered and this could be the initial attraction for Leo individuals. However, Leo is sure to get a huge surprise when the Pisces partner suddenly becomes positive and takes any actions necessary on his or her own behalf. If Leo should persist with the union and become involved in a long-term relationship, this can lead to drastic effects on the Leo partner since Leo natives always like to know exactly where they stand in any situation.
Both partners here will be vain individuals and share in the love of extravagant clothing...but that is about as far as the sharing will go.
Leo Ideal Love Match
Natives of Leo are probably most in tune with those governed by Aries and Sagittarius.
Leo and Aries combination is so powerfully potent that neither partner will want to waste a single minute on down time. Instead, each will inspire the other to take new risks...snowboarding or extreme sports, for example.
Sagittarius, another Sign ruled by the element of Fire, would also be favorable. With Sagittarius, Leo finds humanity and understanding, coupled with a restless, go-ahead quality that is strongly appealing.

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