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Leo Girls

Facts About Leo Girls

Leo girls are always the centers of attention...all day and every day...and that's exactly how they like it. 

These young ladies will never be seen at anything but their best with hair perfectly groomed and sporting the latest fashions complete with designer labels.

Of flamboyant nature, Leo girls adore the spotlight and are blessed with creativity and drive, but there is a tendency here for things to be taken far too personally.
Facts About Leo Girls

Here are notable features of Leo Girls:

  • Leo girls’ hobbies include acting and other artistic endeavors. They will also enjoy playing tennis, horseback riding and sailing. Ever sociable, the girl governed by Leo tends to be the leader of any group...and the larger the group, the better she likes it.
  • Big schools will be top of the list when it comes to choosing a college or university. Although she is prone to be something of a "handful" at time, the Leo girl is sure to "go places" and have plenty of fun in getting there.
  • There is an extremely powerful creative urge present in this Sign and it would be a shame not to encourage this little one to express her creativity. Not all Leo children will be artistic and, indeed, there is a distinct difference between being "artistic" and "creative."
  • This girl may excel at painting, drawing or crafts, but could equally excel in stage productions, the kitchen, and the garden or in the fields of sewing, story-writing or inventions.

Since little Leos are often fixed in their ways, it is vitally important to establish good childhood habits in terms of diet, exercise and manners, etc. It will be very difficult to change the behavior of this child once she reaches the teenage years and beyond. 

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