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Leo Cusp

Detailed Facts About Leo Cusp

Persons born "on the line" between two Zodiac Signs partake of qualities found in both Signs or, more strictly speaking, have a blend of traits that may compose an individual nature.

Due to variations in astrological calendars, this may became apparent during the last few days of a departing Sign, but the "cusp" (as it is termed) pertains chiefly to the first week of the incoming Sign.
While the new Sign is gaining its ascendancy, the influences of the old will persist but gradually loses its hold day-by-day until, by the seventh day; the new Sign is in complete control.

Here are two cusps associated to Leo:

  • Cancer Leo Cusp for individual born approximately from July 22 to July 29
  • Leo Virgo Cusp for individuals born approximately from August 21 to August 28
Brief Personalities of Leo Cusp Individuals:
Cancer Leo Cusp (Born July 22 to July 29)
Individuals born on the cusp of Cancer (the fourth Sign of the Zodiac) and Leo (the fifth Sign of the Zodiac) are ruled by both the Sun and the Moon.
Leo Cusp
These cuspians are witty, ambitious and sometimes, extremely unscrupulous. Indeed, this particular cusp combination frequently produces the most corrupt of politicians who attain eminence.
These natives are experts at appealing to the various vulnerable points of their associates and the inherent daring ambition provides the power of securing for themselves the preferment and advancement to which they aspire, even though better individuals may, of necessity, be sacrificed to their progress.
Nonetheless, Cancer Leo cusps subjects will nurture the family group and take pride in the warm hospitality they invariably provide.
Leo Virgo Cusp (Born August 21 to August 28)
Individuals born on the cusp of Leo (the fifth Sign of the Zodiac) and Virgo (the sixth Sign of the Zodiac) are ruled by both the Sun and the Planet Mercury.

The attributes of these two combined Signs result in a good-nature disposition and natives who are inclined to take life easy, being well-satisfied with both themselves and their station in life.
These cuspians make for good neighbors who would never dream of meddling in the affair of others. Usually highly intelligent, Leo/Virgo subjects are methodical and inclined to be hard-workers.
Indeed, this particular cusp combination has produced some exceedingly successful physicians and teachers.

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