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Leo Child

Leo Children Personalities

Talking about Leo children personalities I will say, children who are governed by this Sign are usually brimming with energy, possessed with a tendency to be bright, alert and constantly "on the go."

Good sleeping habits are paramount since even very young children are apt to "burn themselves out."

The heart and the back are areas of the body traditionally associated with Leo and such children should exercise both of these areas on a regular basis in order to remain healthy. Forms of exercise which contain a creative element...dancing, ice-skating and gymnastics, for example...are especially appealing to the little Leo and should be encouraged.
Leo Children Personalities

Here are Positive and Negative Features of Leo Children personalities:

Positive Aspects of Leo Child
  • From an early age, the little Leo possesses a sunny disposition and ready enthusiasm. Generous and warm-hearten, this child is fond of open displays of affection and generally very loving.
  • With an inherent gift for organization, small Leos like a certain amount of fixed routine in their lives and, if left to their own devices, older Leo children will doubtless are organizing the entire household.
  • If the Leo child shows a particular interest in any hobby or pastime, it is almost assured that this will be an interest to last for many years, if not an entire lifetime. The enthusiasm of this Sign is confident and very stable and such children do not seem to "come and go" as much as their peers.
Negative Aspects of Leo Child
  • The tendency to be bossy is something of a common trait here. It is not unusual for even the youngest of Leos to put other children...and even adults...quite firmly in their place. Sibling rivalry with a young Leo in the household can be a very real occurrence.
  • The confidence associated with this Sign is often not quite as strong as it appears. Much of it may be bluff and these little souls are hurt and deflated surprisingly easily.
  • This can be a very dogmatic and quite narrow-minded Sign, particularly when it comes to favorite topics.
How To Handle A Leo Child
Criticism of this child must be gentle and undertaken with humor and affection in order to avoid a severe crushing of confidence. Leo children should be actively encouraged to listen to the opinions of their peers, even if such opinions are not personally shared.
It is important to encourage breadth of vision from an early age. It may be somewhat difficult for a caregiver to distinguish the stubbornness of this little one from determination...stubbornness needs to be gently eased while determination should, of course, be encouraged.

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