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Leo Boys

Personality and Characteristics of Leo Boys 

Adjudging personality and characteristics of Leo boys, I will say Leo boys tend to live larger than life. 

They are definite charmers...individuals who set the rules and plays by them, at least for a while. However, if boredom should happen to set in, then they will simply find new games.

How To Handle Leo Boys
Any caregiver should strive to teach these little ones self-control while, at the same time, presenting an example of right living.
Personality and Characteristics of Leo Boys
Their minds and hands should be continually employed with pleasant, wholesome and useful tasks, keeping in mind that the child who falls under the jurisdiction of this Sign will need varied amusements to constantly be supplied.
Every effort should be made to provide the correct training and restraint in order for the little Leo to develop into the grand and noble character which he or she is so capable of becoming. While these children learn quickly, they are not fond of studying.

Notable Personality and Characteristics of Leo Boys

Flamboyant and harbors a love of attention

Driven by ambition and vitality, the lad ruled by Leo wants it all. He is flamboyant and harbors a love of attention that makes him a natural to achieve fame. He will also take great pride in his inherent flair for warm hospitality.

Sensitive, self-willed

The Leo child will undoubtedly be exceedingly sensitive, self-willed, talented and intuitive.

Leaders of the pack

Very popular, these youngsters are natural "leaders of the pack" and probably Captain of the football teams as well. In terms of academics, they know how to charm their ways to an "A" and simply cannot stand the thought of being second best. Here, college is likely to be courtesy of a sports scholarship.


Of course, as this little one grows, the personality will develop. There is a tendency here to be high-tempered and caregivers need to be cautious of exhibiting impatience and/or anger in the correction of this child.

Vigor and determination

As he reaches maturity, there will be an abundant display of vigor and determination, coupled with a love of drama and plenty of exuberance.

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