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Leo and Leo love compatibility

Leo and Leo Love Compatibility

Looking at Leo and Leo love compatibility, initially, each partner was probably instantly attracted to the good looks of the other and neither would have been shy in manifesting their desires.

The Leo and Leo relationship overflows with the energy and enthusiasm typified by a pair of natural born leaders. However, it is this passion and domination that each mate must learn to tame in order to remain compatible.

Leo individuals are renowned for their strong and dominating character traits. 
Leo and Leo Love Compatibility
Here, the Leo Leo love combination would probably not get along as well as other identical Zodiac Signs since both partners would likely be totally inflexible and troubles would undoubtedly ensue before the relationship had gone very far.

Still, it is in the Leo nature to love with his or her entire heart and this trait alone could go a long way in overcoming some of the more negative aspects of this union. In addition, the shared love of flamboyance could result in a home that is a showplace for friends and family to admire.

Various consideration on Leo and Leo love compatibility:

Influence of Leo Ruling Planet

Leo is ruled by the Sun.

It is the perfect symbol of Leo's perception of self, being positioned at the center of the Planets. The Sun emanates tremendous light, power and strength. In addition, like the star that illuminates the Earth, the heat from the Sun can be deeply felt by those closest to it, guiding them on their journeys. Alternatively, it can scorch those in its path...their sense of dramatics, exaggeration and self-centered...making them at times burdensome for a partner, or others who are around them.

Influence of Leo Governing Elements

Leo is governed by the element of Fire.

Thus, the red hot passion created by the coupling of two individuals who fall under the jurisdiction of Leo is unstoppable. Here, the Fire...combined with reliance on physical action rather than emotional or intellectual...makes for a highly dynamic union. This intense energy can be magnificent provided it can avoid catastrophe. In short, it will either be the "best of times" or the "worst of times," as the relationship swings between absolute love and total dismissal.

It will take a concerted effort on the part of both individuals to give this partnership any type of fluidity...but the Leo need for constant attention and admiration will doubtless draw this couple together.

Influence of Leo Zodiac Qualities

Leo is Fixed in quality.

There is invariably a struggle for power when two Fixed personalities are joined. The rational and social side of Leo will allow this pair to resolve their differences...if the desire is sufficiently strong to do so. Each will be willing to make concessions, but only occasionally. The fiery temper associated with this Sign can explode very quickly and very often, but clashes are also quickly forgotten making it easy for the good times to continue.

Perhaps the best aspect of a Leo and Leo love match is the amazing fun-loving capacity the two share, coupled with their wealth of creativity. Socializing, entertaining and amusing one another can make this union something of a knock-out under favorable circumstances.


In essence, Leo and Leo love combination has the potential to be a good match. It is inherent in the personality of Leo to be positive and its natives love to bask in the spotlight. Those ruled by this Sign also want to be at the head of social groups. However, both individuals would be competing for leadership here and over time, unhappiness could be the result of such a situation.

In order for Leo and Leo love relationship to achieve any degree of longevity, it will be necessary for one partner to rule the house-held and the other to rule the business and social aspects of life. 

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