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Leo and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Leo and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Looking at Leo and Capricorn love compatibility in the area of everyday life, there could not be two more different personalities than those of Leo and Capricorn. Natives of Leo adore clothes, the best furniture and are constantly seeking life's status symbols. Conversely, Capricorn subjects could not care less about such things, finding the simple life far more attractive and believing that to save for the future is of paramount importance.

The style that Leo adopts for "show" will probably make the simplest of outings appear as though it cost a fortune to the thriftier Capricorn...and this will likely be the major source of woes associated with the Leo and Capricorn relationship.
Leo and Capricorn Love Compatibility
Romantically, the approach of Leo is light-hearten and fun-loving, but Capricorn is prone to be straight-laced and serious about physical intimacy. Over the course of time, the Capricorn partner may loosen up a little in this area, but that is by no means a certainty. Capricorn probably considers the Leo desire for intimacy to be somewhat overly indulgent and may even grow irritated since by nature, those ruled by Capricorn believe in moderation of all things.

Various considerations on Leo and Capricorn love compatibility:

Influence of Leo and Capricorn Ruling Planets

Leo is ruled by the Sun and Capricorn is ruled by the Planet Saturn.

The Sun is essentially concerned with ego and self. It radiates warmth and light...indeed, natives of Leo radiate this brand of energy and enthusiasm. Saturn is associated with responsibility and hard work. Thus, this pair can learn from one another's diversity. The Sun is representative of life while Saturn represents tenacity.

Provided these two pay attention to each other, the combination here could be quite successful and result in many completed projects.

Influence of Leo and Capricorn Governing Elements

Leo is governed by the element of Fire while Capricorn is governed by the element of Earth.

Leo desires creative freedom. Capricorn desires professional security. This blend is capable of creating a balanced romantic relationship. This is a couple who will usually enjoy the time they spend together and who will make time to pursue personal interests as well. If each can continually reassure the other of his or or her significance, then conflicts may not necessarily be harmful to this relationship.

Influence of Leo and Capricorn Zodiac Qualities

Leo is Fixed in quality and Capricorn is Cardinal.

Thus, both partners here will probably be stubborn, opinionated and ambitious, with a tendency to persevere when working toward set goals. Capricorn prefers life to be steady and ordered...Leo adores indulging in wild times and embraces anything that is unexpected. However, if they can reach an agreement that their union is a good one, then will never forget its value and will devote themselves to maintaining the relationship.

Perhaps the best aspect of a Leo and Capricorn love match is the mutual devotion to handling the task in front of them. Both Signs are strong in terms of personality and may initially seem a very unlikely pair...but this may well be a prime example of opposites attracting. This couple will enjoy many good times together, which could result in a mutual desire for more of the same.


In essence, Leo and Capricorn love combination is not usually considered to be a favorable one. The slow Capricorn partner may prove too much for the carefree Leo. In addition, it is inherent in the Capricorn nature to have suspicious motives, while Leo tends to enter an arena wholeheartedly with no thought of the consequences. Over time, it is likely that Capricorn will be unable to cope with the Leo attitude toward life and the relationship will suffer, eventually leading to deterioration of the union.

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