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Leo and Cancer Love Compatibility

Leo and Cancer Love Compatibility

Leo and Cancer love match is usually very good. Leo's huge heart will soon forgive the moody outbursts that Cancer can display from time-to-time.

Thus, the Cancer partner will feel a little more at ease around Leo and probably allow his or her Leo mate to run things...or at least let him or her think he or she is in charge.
In return, Leo will appreciate the attention of the Cancer partner and this relationship can easily achieve longevity as long as Cancer can dismiss the feeling of neglect that is sure to surface on occasion while Leo is out running the world.
Leo and Cancer Love Compatibility

Here are various issues in Leo and Cancer love compatibility:

Influence of Leo and Cancer Ruling Planets
Leo is ruled by the Sun and Cancer is ruled by the Moon.
The Sun is concerned with ego and self...radiating warmth and light...and vibrant Leo indeed radiates this type of energy and enthusiasm. The Moon is related to nurturing...concerned with creating and maintaining emotional connections. These combinations of masculine and feminine energies are why the Sun and the Moon adore and sustain one another as they do so.
Thus, in Leo and Cancer love match, as long as these two individuals are mindful of their inherent differences, the affair can be a positive one.
Influence of Leo and Cancer Governing Elements
Leo is governed by the element of Fire while Cancer is governed by the element of Water.
Leo natives strive with ardent energy toward praise and appreciation. Natives of Cancer yearn for security and stability. Both Signs like to take charge, but they approach the leadership role from vastly different directions. A multitude of disputes are liable to arise from these differences.
Still, as long as Leo and Cancer never take their relationship for granted...and provided they reassure each other in practical and romantic ways that the union is important...they can generally find a rather happy medium.
Influence of Leo and Cancer Zodiac Qualities

Leo is Fixed in quality and Cancer is Cardinal.
Although each partner may commit to a relationship on an emotional level, each can continue to follow his or her natural instincts while remaining totally devoted to one another. However, if the love intentions have not been made clear, then this pair may find themselves on an endless and emotional roller coaster ride.

Perhaps the best aspect of a Leo Cancer love match is the mutual commitment to a sincere relationship. Together, this couple can share a supportive, positive and healthy partnership.

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