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Leo and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius Love Compatibility

The best chance for longevity in Leo and Taurus love match is probably founded on unending mutual admiration.

Leo will admire the individualism, vision and creative characteristics of Aquarius, while Aquarius will admire the zeal, charm and dignity of Leo.
The physically romantic aspect of Leo and Aquarius relationship is likely to be rather unsatisfying, particularly for Leo since the Aquarius mate can...and will...undoubtedly find others who capture his or her interests.
Leo and Aquarius Love Compatibility
The Leo individual will certainly find this to be frustrating and cause him or her to believe that Aquarius is essentially inhuman and uncaring.

However, if the Aquarius partner is of the more evolved form, then the Leo and Aquarius union could be satisfying and long-lasting.

Here are various Zodiac influences we have to consider in Leo and Aquarius love compatibility:

Influence of Leo and Aquarius Ruling Planets
Leo is ruled by the Sun and Aquarius is ruled by the Planet Uranus with a secondary influence courtesy of Saturn (the Planet that governed Aquarius prior to the discovery of Uranus).
Together, these three celestial bodies form a type of cycle that is indicative of the Leo and Aquarius love match. Uranus is concerned with new ideas and creativity. The Sun provides life and an identity to collective ideas, while Saturn ensures that the process will brought to completion, capable of following up after the inspiration of Uranus has been exhausted and the energy of the Sun has moved on to new things.
Influence of Leo and Aquarius Governing Elements
Leo is governed by the element of Fire while Aquarius is governed by the element of Air.
Air has the ability to fuel Fire and thus, maintain its warmth and light. Hence, not only can Aquarius keep pace with the motion and fireball of energy that is associated with Leo, but can also add special effects. Together, this pair can soar to astounding heights. Aquarius is able to utilize intellect to inspire the Leo ambition and provide new ideas that can be put into practice. Leo finds this very stimulating.
Thus, the two feed a process of mutual personal growth and development.
Influence of Leo and Aquarius Zodiac Qualities
Both Leo and Aquarius are Fixed in quality.
Leo provides Aquarius with the courage to charge ahead and take action, rather than simply sitting around and formulating ideas. The originality of Aquarius will certainly impress well the unique Aquarius vision. Both are loyal souls and can become exceedingly devoted to each other.
Provided this pair can understand that they do not necessarily need to be in charge all the time, then they can succeed on a side-by-side basis.


Perhaps the best aspect of Leo and Aquarius love is the ability to create magic when they are together. Fixed Fire and Fixed Air should have little trouble in covering all the bases. Above all, this is probably a union of vision and practice.
In essence, Leo and Aquarius combination can make for a rather good match.

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