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How To Win a Leo Man

How To Win A Leo Man

How to win a Leo man is by giving him constant attention. Looking at it, a Leo man is rather high maintenance partner. I mean….he requires attention, nurturing and pampering in order for the relationship to thrive.

Being a fiery and romantic soul, this man will demand a mate's attention, becoming jealous, aloof and offended should his partner forget...even for one instant...that he is of kingly stock.
Yes… Leo men enjoy the height of all feelings in life and physical pleasure is just another glorious filed to explore.

Let’s look at how to win a Leo man in more precise ways:

Give Him Attention

In truth, a man who is governed by Leo truly require constant input from loved one to maintain his vitality and can, on occasion, be self-serving...sometimes to the point where it becomes egotistical. Still, love with a Leo man is like no other love and once this person decides to give his heart, he also gives every inch of his soul...and here lies the Leo man vulnerability. If his trust is broken, he is almost certain to crumble.
How To Win A Leo Man
Complement His Qualities

Leo man is essentially romantic in a dramatic sense...and not afraid to show it. This is a soul who enjoys pulling his loved one out into his world and radiates when he feels his partner compliments some quality about him. Hence, an ideal way to love a Leo man is to compliment his qualities.

Be Conscious of Your Appearance

Another way to show your love for a Leo man is through your quality looks. Since Leo individuals are prone to judge themselves on what they have around them (hence their love of luxury), they can be somewhat appearance-conscious at times and may become overly critical of a partner's qualities, looks or talents.

Appreciate and Cherishing Him

Essentially, how to win a Leo man is to appreciate and cherish him. Leo individuals are as proud in passion...or perhaps even more they are in any other area of life. The more appreciated and cherished a Leo man feels, then the more expressive and passionate he will become.

Use Flattering Words

Perhaps the best technique to employ with Leo man is praise since there is little else that those ruled by Leo appreciate more. While it is true that any potential partner may tire of looking for things to compliment about Leo man, finding and voicing such flattering words will produce tremendous dividends.

Don’t Turn Off the Spot Light

Perhaps the most abhorrent trait of a Leo man is the turning off of the spotlight when he is basking in its warm rays and this is something you must be careful to never do. Leo men cannot tolerate for long those who would constantly or repeatedly attempt to upstage them and are certain to display defiance toward anyone who seriously threatens their right of rule.

Employ Personal Charm

How to win a Leo man also involves employ of appeal. Yes a man governed by Leo is tough underneath and you will need to learn to get your own way via a charm that is equally as melting. This is a male who desires a partner of whom he can be proud and it will be necessary to find out what type of individual he admires most and then employ emulation, if necessary.


Generally, how to win a Leo man and achieve longevity in a relationship with him is to pull out all the stops by bringing color, gaiety and glamour into this man's life. Indeed, he does love to be fascinated. He is a romantic, so a partner should never laugh at his overtures regarding courtship.

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