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How To Attract a Leo Woman

How To Attract a Leo Woman

How to attract a Leo woman is through display of passion for her. She wants to feel the depths of your desire and to feel wanted and beautiful in your eyes. .

The more relaxed she is in your presence, the easier it'll be to attract her. During your conversation, touch her when you want to make a point. Initiate physical contact as much as you can without going overboard.

To attract a Leo woman, any potential mate must be personally strong in himself to enhance the partnership...but also willing to step occasionally into Leo woman's shadow.

Leo woman is attracted to a partner of whom she can be proud. Thus, these women are prone to fall in love with someone they admire.
How To Attract a Leo Woman

Tips on how to attract a Leo woman

  • Be appearance conscious. Leo woman are somewhat appearance-conscious and are attracted to quality looks or well-dressed person.
  • If you're getting the right feedback from a Leo woman (flirting), the knowledge that that she is interested but that you can't do anything about it just yet can increase the feelings of arousal and excitement in her. Let them linger ...
  • Now - just how do you know that you are attracted to a Leo woman? Your best clues come from reading her body language. Her body signals are far better indicators of how she feels about you than anything she may actually say verbally. The eyes are the biggest give-away when it comes to attracting a Leo woman. If she returns your gaze, and especially if she holds eye contact with you longer than you'd normally expect, then chances are she is quite interested. Trust your instincts and you'll 'feel' whether she's interested or not. Look for small gestures and tone of voice tell you a lot about what she feels towards you.
  • Once you've made it known that you are attracted to her, you'll need to let her know where the encounter is likely to be heading. It's important that you both know that you're looking for the same things and headed in the same direction. The subtle approach is more likely to get you what you want.
  • But if you take her on dates and things seem to be going well (or if you pick her up and things seem to be going well), and you start small and she responds positively…. And what she needs is in the end actually what you need ;-)
  • Two people, who may have been attracted to each other visually, may not have the right chemistry to move along. Once you have talked a little about it, does she still seem interested? Look for signs of acceptance or rejection (remember rejection could depend on many things - perhaps you are just too much man for her). If you pick up on any signs of rejection, don't waste your time on something that is very unlikely to happen, no matter how much you think you fancy her.
How to attract a Leo woman is by living up to her expected standard. Looking at it, because Leo woman has such high standards in so many spheres of life, other people rarely come up to her expectations. She is rather high maintenance partner. She requires attention, nurturing and pampering in order for a relationship to thrive.

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