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Dating A Leo Man

Dating A Leo Man

Dating a Leo man, a potential partner must do absolutely nothing to challenge his ruling power. He must never be antagonized and his point of view never belittled. In order to cover a soft heart, the Leo man will sometimes display a gruff and harsh outward appearance. 

Should he become impatient, impetuous and quick to anger, it will be necessary to remember that this is simply his way and within a few moments, the mood will have passed.
Yes….being a fiery and romantic soul, this man will demand a mate's attention, becoming jealous, aloof and offended should his partner forget...even for one instant...that he is of kingly stock.

Actually, by dating a Leo man, you will realize he is essentially romantic in a dramatic sense...and not afraid to show it. He will enjoy pulling you out into his world and radiate when he feels you compliment some qualities about him.
Dating A Leo Man

Here are notable features of dating a Leo man

  • Exceedingly attractive, individuals of all ages and both sexes are drawn to his charm...and not only will he be uncaring if this makes a partner jealous, he may even revel in the knowledge.
  • Charming on the surface, men governed by Leo are tough underneath and potential dates will need to learn to get their own way via a charm that is equally as melting. This is a man who desires a partner of whom he can be proud and it will be necessary to find out what type of individual he admires most and then employ emulation, if necessary.
  • It will be necessary when dating a Leo man for any mate to pull out all the stops by bringing color, gaiety and glamour into this man's life. Indeed, he does love to be fascinated. He is a romantic, so a partner should never laugh at his overtures regarding courtship.
  • This man has no time or patience for the more timid sweetheart. He wants to date partner of whom he can be proud of. He likes his partner to be admired and noticed by others and enjoys being seen out and about with his loved one.
Being a born actor and natural showman, this man loves to be the center of intrigue but will quickly leave any mate who tries to steal his limelight. Hence in dating a Leo man, a mate can keep his attention by being his exact opposite...silent and subtle.

One trick to dealing with the Leo man, should he take to raging at his partner, is to feign a tear. He will instantly melt into sweetness and honey.

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