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Constellation Leo Location

Constellation Leo Location

Constellation Leo location is between Cancer the Crab and Virgo the Virgin, Leo is also bordered by Hydra the Sea-Serpent, Sextans the Sextant, Coma Berenices the Hair of Bernice, Ursa Major the Great Bear and Lynx the Lynx.

The ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun, runs just to the south of Regulus. Riding the back of Leo is the modern constellation Leo Minor. Alula Australis (Xi Ursae Majoris) is the brightest star near upper left.
Constellation Leo Location

Location of Major Stars in Constellation Leo:

Location of Major Stars in constellation Leo
The sickle-shaped head of Leo, the Lion, is on the right, the triangle that makes his hindquarters on the left. Regulus is at the bottom of the sickle toward lower right. Algieba is the brightest of the Sickle stars that are above Regulus; Adhafera is just above Algieba.

At the top sits Rasalas, and down and to the right of Rasalas, at the front of the Sickle, is Algenubi. Denebola, which marks the lion's tail, is at lower left; Zosma, on the Lion's back, is up and to the right of Denebola, while Chertan (Theta) is below and a bit to the right of Zosma. Rho Leonis is down and to the left of Regulus, while Subra (Omicron Leo) is to the right of Regulus.
Behind the Sickle, toward the Eastern horizon, three stars form the small triangle which marks the rear of Leo. Beta Leonis (Leo's second brightest star), also known as Denebola, is a blue star situated in a tuft of hair at the end of the Lion's tail. Gamma Leonis (Leo's third brightest star), also known as Aleibra (Arabaic for "forehead"), is most commonly referred to as Juba, which means "mane."

Location of other notable Stars in Constellation Leo:

(Delta Leonis, also known as Zosma (meaning "girdle"), which is located near the Lion's tail and is a triple star, yellow, blue and violet in color;
(2) Gamma Leonis, a fine double star;
(3) Zeto Leonis and Mu Leonis, often referred to collectively as Al Ashfar or the Lion's Eyebrows; 

(4) Albeiba or Lion's Mane...the curve or blade of the Sickle;
(5) Lambada Leonis, also known as Alterf (which apparently means "extremity"), located at the very tip of the Lion's mouth; and
(6) Wolf 359, an extremely faint red dwarf star about the size of Jupiter which is the third closest star to Earth.

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