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Compatibility for Leo and Sagittarius

Detailed look at Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Looking at compatibility for Leo and Sagittarius, I would say Leo and Sagittarius love match often results in fireworks. Both Signs are extremely dynamic and enjoy life to the fullest extent.

This is an energetic pair who is fun to be around, with each individual encouraging the other to aim high.

The philosophical tendency inherent in Sagittarius warrants a distraction to the Leo partner's obsession with the larger-than-life. Plus, these two have a genuine admiration and respect for one another.

Both Leo and Sagittarius individuals are warm, charismatic and charming.
Compatibility for Leo and Sagittarius

Let’s consider various astrological influences in Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility:

Influence of Leo and Sagittarius Ruling Planets
Leo is ruled by the Sun and Sagittarius is ruled by the Planet Jupiter.
Both the Sun and Jupiter are masculine energy archetypes. Thus, Leo and Sagittarius combination is essentially a good one. Each understands the other by virtue of the inherent similarities. The Sun is concerned with self and Jupiter is associated with expansion and excess. Together, this provides both a personal focus and an outward focus...although this can lead to overexertion. A highly compatible match that is blessed with an abundance of energy, these two make for a wonderful couple in virtually any setting or situation.
Influence of Leo and Sagittarius Governing Elements
Both Leo and Sagittarius are governed by the element of Fire.
Hence, this is almost certain to be a very heated and passionate union. Each partner possesses boundless energy and, as a pair, is often perceived as the only ones who can keep up with the other's intensity. On occasion, Sagittarius may become exhausted by Leo's expansive ego, but differences of opinion are unlikely to last very long since in next to no time, Sagittarius will have moved on to the next project while the Leo optimism and desire for a fan club is able to overcome any petty argument.
Influence of Leo and Sagittarius Zodiac Qualities
Leo is Fixed in quality and Sagittarius is Mutable.
Sagittarius provides Leo with the deeper understanding that this Sign may be lacking, while Leo can fine-tune the Sagittarius charm and social graces. Although Sagittarius could become irritated by the bossiness of Leo...not to mention the shallow vanity and tendency to sulk...both partners here are essentially loyal souls and if devoted to each other, the rewards of the union are likely to outweigh the minor setbacks.
Perhaps the best aspect of a Leo and Sagittarius love match is the willingness to work as a team and the mutual admiration each exhibits when dedicated to seeing things through. This pair complements one another with a combined attention to personal and world affairs. Each knows his or her place in the relationship and their comparable high energy, coupled with fiery passion, makes for a very versatile union.

Leo and Sagittarius love relationship is close to perfect...most of the time. Both Signs love change and excitement. In addition, they share a magnificent zest for life. However, Leo and Sagittarius are each domineering in nature, which could result in trouble if the Leo partner tries to regulate Sagittarius to the sidelines. Under such circumstances, it would be inherent in the Sagittarius independent personality to rebel, which would likely lead to a serious rift in the relationship.

In order to achieve longevity, the Sagittarius partner will need to restrain his or her desire for an over abundance of freedom.

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