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Characteristics of Leo Virgo Cusp

Characteristics of Leo Virgo Cusps

Characteristics of Leo Virgo cusps proved an interesting blend of the introvert and the extrovert...a mix of the practical and earthy qualities afforded by Virgo coupled with the more intuitive and fiery traits of Leo. The end result is often a quietly inspired individual who keeps his or her light within.

Actually, some of Leo Virgo cusps persons emit a muted or even nondescript first impression which often conceals a far more flamboyant tendency. Others come across as exhibitionists, but are really sensitive and private individuals.

There is a tendency here to hide certain personal qualities or facts...possibly for years. Nevertheless, the inner flamboyance is apt to emerge periodically in even the most introverted of Leo Virgo cusps persons and during such occasions, they will reveal themselves to the world, totally aware of what they are doing.

Here are detailed traits and characteristics of Leo Virgo cusps individuals

  • It is characteristic of these individuals not to reveal the truth about themselves or make grand displays of their real inner feelings until they attain their goals, whether such goals be social or professional. Indeed, it may well be that this desire to divulge can be the fuel which powers the drive toward a goal, since those who reach the top and have carried lifelong secrets are prone to be found out...and usually through their own statements and behavior. To some, this tendency is perceived as a peculiar blend of narcissism and masochism...a strange mixture of self-indulgence and punishment.
  • In truth, Leo Virgo natives are a rather curious blend of introverted and extroverted tendencies...modesty coupled with flamboyance, for example...and a capacity to see both the large and small picture in almost every situation. Thus, they are often outstanding observers and judges of character. They know how to watch in silence without drawing attention to themselves. In addition, they frequently excel at recording their impressions in thought or word and then expressing them at a later date after long periods of rethinking.
  • Associates and co-workers are likely to depend upon the judgment, objectivity and brilliant memory of these natives and when they are able to achieve emotional stability, Leo Virgo cusp subjects can be the most dependable and reliable of friends.
  • Leo Virgo cusp natives born into unremarkable surroundings...or at the bottom of the social ladder...can sometimes be late starters in the struggle to move up in the world. Even when such ascension is initiated, it is only through tremendous tenacity and willpower that they can maintain momentum. Indeed, it is not unusual for Leo Virgo cusps natives to succumb to their worst fear...a life of boredom and mediocrity.
  • The belief of Leo Virgo cusp subjects in themselves is frequently inversely proportionate to the belief of the world in general regarding these individuals. In short, as soon as they begin to gain self-confidence, it seems as though others begin to take less notice of them and while applause is not crucial to these cusps persons, they do possess a burning sense of their own worth no matter how quiet or self-contained they may be.
  • Subjects of Leo Virgo cusp combination are never altogether happy or content with less than the very best and finest of furnishings for their homes and this love of nice things is also likely to extend to their choice of wearing apparel. In short, these natives are extremely fond of elaborate displays in dressing and, at times, may well carry this fondness to undesirable extremes.
  • These are people who are very good at understanding the deeper meaning of what others say. They rely on logic rather than emotion in making decisions and are reliable and diligent individuals. However, they can sometimes appear "picky" or overly critical toward those who are not as discriminating.
  • Being decisive and direct, the Leo Virgo cusp native is optimistic regarding personal successes. They do have a tendency to exaggerate problems and overreact to stumbling blocks, but are generally positive people with an inherent pride and streak of stubbornness which keeps them from giving up. These individuals have the ability to analyze and then take appropriate action. They are selective and discriminating, but are constantly and quickly moving.
The personality of Leo Virgo cusps individual is warm-hearten and outgoing. They are cheerful, self-assured, studious and sensible in business dealings. It should also be noted that the female Leo Virgo cusp native in particular is likely to be easily convinced by arguments set forth in a plausible and persuasive manner.


The greatest strength of Leo Virgo cusps persons is probably to be found in their creativity, attention to detail and inherent desire to be of service. They will pick up on the "little things" that others most likely miss, and thoughtful gifts or unique solutions to problems are second nature to those who fall under the influence of this cusp combination. In addition, the commitment of these natives to help others makes them one of the most giving characters to be found in the Zodiac.

However, Leo Virgo cusps individuals can suffer through their own self-importance. The more the good points of these subjects, then the quicker they are to recognize such through their ability for self-analysis. Thus, the egotism of the Leo Virgo cusp native is apt to swell proportionately and the fact that such is justified only makes it worse for them if it rouses the animosity and jealousy of others.

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